The Sheriff goes to the theater. The enterprises of Francesco Moser become a pièce-

The mayor, Caterina Molinari, dreamed of having them as guests in the theater. In Peschiera Borromeo. Who? Two pedaling. What are their names? Gino Bartali and Francesco Moser. Impossible for the first one, Ginettaccio is no longer there, and so the Municipality has given life to a beautiful mural … With an inscription: good is done and not said. He paints himself. We add. Easier for the second. Francesco Moser. He, the great champion, is there. Unstoppable because he is always very busy everywhere, The Sheriff as he was called by the group, they took him to the theater. Not only in Peschiera Borromeo. But on the web. So in the world. Online. How? Through a monologue that is exciting and no frills. Who has the panache of Francesco Moser, pedaling respectfully, and who brings the value of man to the stage. The premiere scheduled for May 3, 2021, but the great thing is that this digital format theater makes you tear off a ticket forever. Link included.

The monologue

Forced choice, given that Covid-19 was also put sideways, and therefore to please the mayor of Peschiera Borromeo, the guys from Oltheatre made it … the digital review that wasn’t there yet. They convinced a perfect and fast sponsor, they connected, organized and created a series of theater shows but proposed on the web. The Fast one. And here it is. Everyone is satisfied, even the public and even the target that is very varied and ranges from a monologue on Rita Levi Montalcini, a great success in streaming for the pice dedicated to her as well as for the wonderful one dedicated to Enrico Mattei, to one that will run very fast on Francesco Moser. And on the program – for admission, sorry connection, free from Monday 3 May at 11 am on the Facebook channel, on the official Fastweb YouTube channel and on Oltheatre di Peschiera Borromeo a group that is developing a new cultural series for the Connessioni Digital Edition Fastweb format – explains director Chiara Valli -. the online version conceived in the moment of the health emergency by Covid-19 to continue to make the original project of live events #Connessioni exist, the cycle of meetings to spread culture and innovation. We have found our way not to stop the culture even in this very complicated historical period. And among the various monologues we must admit that working to stage Francesco Moser was a truly exciting challenge. Their creative resilience with Moserissimo’s story went hand in hand. Indeed in tandem. Many say that cycling, from heroic to Moser’s gigantic one, is a paraphrase of the perfect life. Nothing new, so far. When you find yourself staging it you realize it. It all comes back. The times, the emotions, the scanning of images are back. Black, fire, action. And the words….

The cycle The future in history

The series of shows therefore makes a stop in the history of Francesco Moser, the man of the hour record, the great champion, the great charisma. The cycle is titled The future in history and proposed by the actor Davide Verazzani who dedicates his lyrics and his acting to the celebration of the women and men who have made Italy great. They are video performances broadcast online starting from the Facebook and Youtube channels (here the link) which also enjoy promotion on the social networks of the theater company and on their website. After Rita Levi Montalcini, the theatrical performance lights up on Moser, to also give proof of eclecticism and open culture as the orientation of the Vittorio De Sica Cinema Theater in Peschiera Borromeo, whose mission is the theater of all, wants. The next shows on stage will be dedicated to Nilde Iotti and Enrico Piaggio, innovators capable of changing the world. Through the texts written and interpreted by Verazzani with the artistic direction of Chiara Valli and Alessandro Velletrani, these events really have a significant artistic value. It all started from an idea of ​​the mayor: Last year we dedicated in-depth studies to the memory of Gino Bartali, right of the right, and I am proud of that mural that we dedicated to one of the most significant sports and social figures of the twentieth century – says Caterina Molinari -. Now we enjoy the theatrical narration on Francesco Moser through this series of digital shows. And I’m happy because even here, as for the mural, the artistic part remains. Usable. For everyone. Loads of positive messages that these important personalities of sport and the world of culture, of life, pass down as examples. Also of resilience. More timely than that!

The tale of the hour record

fatigue is the daily bread for cyclists… without effort, I believe that cycling cannot be done… we must not count the hours, the kilometers… we must count the results and look for them… this is the spirit! says Francesco Moser on stage played by Verazzani. Scene 1: 17 degrees Celsius, they yell at him. And then: 53% humidity. There is no wind. Optimal conditions. Francesco, you can go. Before his eyes, an ellipse of 333 meters. To be covered at least 148 times, in an hour. Below it, a bicycle with two lenticular wheels, completely new, and an ox horn handlebar, for an aerodynamic position. Wearing a full bodysuit with the sponsors’ brands, to cushion the air resistance. (The leotard, not the sponsors). All this, to beat the Cannibal’s record. Francesco Moser obviously. He is 33 years old, the best Italian cyclist but for a couple of seasons as if he were fogged up. Everyone now judges him on the avenue of sunset. Cannibal Eddy Merckx, Belgian champion of rare antipathy and arrogance, who got the nice nickname because of his greedy will to power. The record is the hour record. That is, how many kilometers can a cyclist travel in an uninterrupted hour of pedaling. No medals or pink or yellow jerseys, no. The record of the hour, rather, stuff from the Guinness Book of World Records, that list of absurd feats performed by half-madmen. But strangely enough, cyclists have always taken it very seriously. And in fact, in the list of record holders there are famous names, from the pioneers Desgrange and Petit-Breton, to the more recent Olmo, Coppi, Anquetil. Wait it goes on. There is no applause until the end. Click here for the show.

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