the Treasury can put up to 2 billion-

A fund for companies in temporary financial imbalance. Using a share of the 40 billion of the Relaunch Heritage, the support tool for companies that have emerged bruised from the pandemic, just sketched by the previous government. A control room has opened involving the Ministry of Economic Development led by Giancarlo Giorgetti. To use part of these resources as an investment in capital by the State (in co-investment with private shareholders) for companies in difficulty that can also be selected from those that have ended up in the crisis tables managed by the ministry.

the complexity of the operation is evident: most of the companies that end up at the bedside of the Mise are in bankruptcy or pre-concordat situation. They risk squandering public money because they lack a market capable of relaunching them or decimated by technological transition processes of which they have been victims. This is why there is a need for a screening, already carried out by Cassa Depositi which will formally manage the instrument thanks to its technical skills, to understand which ones only need a good restructuring.

Of course, the Ministry’s decree is still missing of the Treasury. This is the first contribution of resources that the Mef called to insert in the Relaunch Heritage with a decree law. It is not clear how much capital will be contributed: the dossier is intertwined with the extent of the budget gap. The tool has already pre-codified stakes: public co-investment, with interventions between 250 and 2 billion, destined for companies belonging to strategic supply chains for the country, with a turnover of more than 50 million. Even with convertible bonds.

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