the vintage yellow by Hitchcock-

The penultimate film by the great director set in the iconic places of his city, London. A typical thriller in which you have to find out whodunit: who was

The 53rd and penultimate film of the great Alfred Hitchcock, Frenzy after twenty years he brought the English director back to his hometown of London in 1972, where he was born in the last year of the 19th century and had shot his splendid yellow initials. And it also brings the public back to enjoy a typical thriller in which you have to discover whodunit, who was, who the killer who kills women by strangling them with a tie and without a thread that binds the crimes.

He calls a fine English actor, Jon Finch, on duty as a victim, reduce dal Macbeth by Polanski. In the course of the Hitchcockian investigations, Scotland Yard catches a crab and suspects a former pilot without a job or fixed abode, who, as always happens with Hitch, will have the task of finding the culprit alone, as often happened in the past to James Stewart and Cary Grant.

Here the affair scripted by a good playwright, Peter Shaffer (Equus, Amadeus) and devoid of those icy blondes loved in vain by Hithcock: but there are on the other hand scenes that are violent and even more erotic than her average. There is also irony and above all it concerns the food of which the director was a lover, so much so that he believed himself a cook: we see a poor policeman victim of his wife’s men. The fast pace, a little vintage and those who love London will recognize iconic places such as the general market, with many vegetables in the foreground, and in the race of suspicions you can start betting halfway through the film.

Cinephiles swear that the opening scene is a quote from one of his films from 1926, The boarder, Hitch appears this time among the attendees of a rally on the banks of the Thames. Among the technical exhibitionisms of the director who had tried years before an impossible film without detachments (Cocktail for a corpse), there is a long sequence shot to remember as he enters a house and takes all the narrow elbow stairs to finally arrive at home, almost a competition with Antonioni’s cult sequence shot in Reporter profession.

Frenzy by Alfred Hitchcock, 1972, Iris 12.25 and 3.45

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