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from Maurizio Porro

The series aired on Sky Atlantic a ferocious portrait that leans towards the grotesque of moneyed society, American but not only

A series like The White Lotus that features a completely uninteresting human population, people obsessed with the outward luxury of resorts, with a stripped-down IQ can be intelligent, critical, interesting and even cynical. The answer is yes. The series airing on Sky Atlantic (this week the finale), directed by Mike White, is somehow the answer to another product that is around, like Nine Perfect Strangers ”on Netflix. But while the latter, a splattered farce into which some good actors slip, falls into a ridiculous new age without mercy, and as it progresses it gets worse so much that in the end it looks like a parody and the first real slip in Nicole Kidman’s intact career, the White lotus, obvious residence name, a fierce portrait that leans towards the grotesque of that moneyed society,
American but not only who loves being received with great fanfare, perhaps in a super luxury resort in Maui, Hawaii, where a vip room costs $ 25,000 a night, excluding extras such as the sincere hatred of some employees, first of all the manager at the reception who pays dearly for the situation not only as a homosexual but also as a cocaine addict and alcoholic.

the story of the terrible week of holidays (quotes are needed) of a wealthy group of characters all negative socially and morally (perhaps the teen ager is saved who in fact in the end chooses his freedom) who enjoy themselves in super luxury even by attending the shows of the Hawaiians who are the natives of the place where, as always, the American colonialists stole the land. But if this political discourse seems a little too controlled and the script gives us about ten … or a minute, the rest of the criticism of the type of society of the resorts is flawless and you cannot find in the group someone who has the desire to attend or see again, apart from the masseuse of the Spa who is deceived and betrayed too. There is the little family with the daughter’s friend and many skeletons in the wardrobe that are a bit the center of gravity of the story that is tinged with yellow and the couple on their honeymoon with the mother-in-law looming, the bride who would like to journalist and finds herself with a handsome husband but with an Oedipus complex as large as this. And then the lady size L desperately alone, who goes around with the ashes of the mother she has been subjected to, to be dispersed in the ocean and accepts invitations to dinner even at the last one, finding in fact a sick but available manager. A fauna of various humanity with the greatest common divisor of the rich bank account you would have said when the catastrophic genre was in vogue, but here in the resort humanity is fairly leveled: many dollars, a lot of exteriority, the pleasure of luxury, intelligence just an option.

The six episodes are plotted not only for the wickedness of the script and the unhealthy psychology of the characters, but also for the wonder not only artificial but also natural of the Hawaiian landscape where the former natives drive a canoe at dawn that perhaps set them free. The guests each behaves as if there were no director to illustrate the venial and mortal sins, a list of daily holiday days but also a mosaic of neurosis in noir well managed by the creator of School of rock and Enlightment and we start with a flash forward that will then be discovered how, when and why, but without ever becoming an Agatha Christie-style murder mystery, always remaining in a very fragmented story in the montage where each scene prepares to make way for the following one because each drama, comedy, farce staff has equal rights. At the end a grotesque series that falls in some truly trashy moments and in a rumming scene, a madness dictated by rum this is the meaning of a small Odyssey of straight and civilized white people, a social portrait not only irreverent but almost merciless and on which useless rage more than the film, divided into six episodes, already does.

They are obviously very varied in their baseness, the characters with a truly heterogeneous cast and who are applauded both as a whole and in individual appearances: Tanya McQuoid the heiress with the ashes of mammals, Connie Britton the perfect false mother of a perfect fake family and actually also a well-known manager, Jake Lacy the beautiful oedipal boy who marries Alexandra Daddario and it is clear that they will end up hating each other even after trying to fix the first flaw. In the workers’ department we find the real protagonist, Murray Bartlett (Looking), a declared gay in life and in fiction, the engine of the macabre spiral and very good at pretending the bon ton of an international hotel, the one who must solve every problem, even the most paradoxical. in this infernal, postcard-worthy Paradise, from which in the end everyone has a mad desire to escape.

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