Those Good Guys (tomorrow morning on TV) seventh, but you would never imagine the first. Here are the 10 best films of the 90s according to the public (and also an Italian)

90s cinema receives a lot of public acclaim, at least judging by Idmb, the largest online movie database where over 80 million users give their opinions and give their votes. The period from 1990 to 1999 in fact conquers three positions in the top ten of the most popular films of all time and even the absolute first position. But before unveiling it, let’s see which are only the 90s films that made their way into the heart of the world. And let’s start right from number 10, The silence of the lambs. Released in 1991 by Jonathan Demme’s camera, it caused a sensation for the brutal theme and took home 5 Oscars, Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor in a Leading Role to Anthony Hopkins, Best Actress in a Leading Role to Jodie Foster and Best Non-Original Screenplay.

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