“Three times I went into crisis in my career” – Corriere.it

from Andrea Laffranchi

The rocker on RaiPlay with the docu series «It went like this». At his side Stefano Accorsi

A streaming series was missing. Records, concerts, films, poems, short stories … In 30 years of career Ligabue had done almost everything. Now also a docu-series, from 12 October on RaiPlay. There are obviously 7 episodes of “It’s gone like this”, the number that recurs in the life and career of the rocker from Correggio and they tell, in the wake of the homonymous autobiography published this year, the path followed so far with interviews and material from often unpublished archive. Ligabue chose Stefano Accorsi as his travel companion, “in the role of a deejay who tells the story, in that of an accomplice-interviewer, and also as a fooling companion to play down”. Then there are the testimonies of those who have crossed careers and friendships with the Liga: Francesco De Gregori, Elisa, Eugenio Finardi, Gino and Michele, Linus, Nicoletta Mantovani, Camila Raznovich, Massimo Recalcati, Gerry Scotti, Walter Veltroni and others.

The beginnings, the climb to success, the cinematographic deviations, the relationship with the fans, but there are two episodes that Ligabue cares about the most. In one of them Luciano will try «to disprove one of the adjectives that have been given to me over the years,“ reserved ”. In the dictionary it says that it is the one who keeps things to himself. I prove the opposite by showing all those songs in which I speak of mourning, separations, births … ». The other episode he emphasizes is that of “professional crises”: “It will not be very popular to do so, it does not bring the same points as announcing one’s successes – he says – but I have had three”. The first on the third album: “That record made almost all the audience that had arrived with the first two disappear”. The second coincides with the explosion of popularity: «A personal crisis that had to do with the management of popularity. I almost thought about giving up everything. I did “Miss World” to tell the dark parts of success ». The latest, the most recent, came with “Made in Italy”, a parallel project between music and cinema: “While I was giving my voice to another character, the protagonist of the film, I lost mine to an octopus”.

Accorsi, only present with a video greeting, sees it this way: «It is a project notable for its ambition that tells an important path with successes, accelerations, and less simple moments that generally do not tell themselves». In those, concludes Liga, “the guiding star has always been the knowledge of not being able to give up concerts”. The one with whom he should have celebrated 30 years of career in Campovolo has been postponed due to a pandemic: «I don’t know what I will do in the future, I need to think about restarting with that concert, getting back on stage in everyday life. Italy, said Fauci, was one of the most virtuous countries in the management of covid. Perhaps not all the choices were right for the concerts, there is a category of workers on their knees. I can’t wait for it to go back to normal, but we need to be cautious until we are safe ».

Clike the autobiography, this docu-series too it is the daughter of the pandemic. “I’ve spent these years always with my head down and sword up. For the first time with covid, I looked back. I did it with pleasure, with the nostalgia of seeing me 30 years younger and with tenderness ».

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