To Renzo Rosso the delegation of Confindustria for the made in Italy. And in the meantime it still invests in green-

Busy day for Renzo Rosso, the founder of Otb, the holding company that owns brands such as Diesel, Maison Margiela, Marni and Viktor & Rolf. On the one hand it announces a new investment in the green world, on the other it receives the delegation for made in Italy from Confindustria.

Through his personal holding company Red Circle Investments, in fact, the entrepreneur has invested in Planet Farms, a company active in the so-called vertical farming, that is a vertical cultivation system that allows the cultivation, in an innovative and sustainable way, of vegetables with the best nutritional properties. As for Confindustria, the president Carlo Bonomi has appointed him as delegate of the association of entrepreneurs for excellence, beauty and taste of Italian brands. In addition to those already entrusted by Bonomi to Gianfelice Rocca as advisor for Life Sciences, to Stefano Pan for Europe and to Aurelio Regina for energy.

For some time, Rosso has been making an effort to recognize the importance of the fashion industry and the world around it. And the sector has long expressed its discontent with the lack of attention from the government and politics in general. Italian industry – said Bonomi – is recognized all over the world for its characteristics of excellence in terms of design, care, quality of materials and workmanship. An image of our productions that at the same time nourishes and conveys the love for Italy and the attractiveness of our country. Made in Italy is fundamental for our country – added Rosso – and those who value it are the many entrepreneurial realities that carry on a unique and unrepeatable tradition. I thank President Bonomi for his trust, I am ready to give my contribution and my experience, and I count on the support of many prestigious brands. Satisfaction on the part of Luciano Vescovi, president of Confindustria Vicenza, according to whom the choice of the president of Confindustria Carlo Bonomi to make Renzo Rosso the flag bearer of the beautiful and well-made Italian manufacturing could not be more focused and appropriate.

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When at Planet Farms, it is a company born from a research and development project and which boasts the construction of the largest “vertical farm” in Europe in Cavenago, near Milan – says a note issued by the company -. One of the largest in the world, and the most advanced in terms of technology and automation, capable of producing leaf salad and aromatic herbs saving 95% of water and 90% of the soil compared to traditional crops, without the use of chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides.

Founded by Luca Travaglini and Daniele Benatoff, Planet Farms has developed a unique vertical cultivation system in the world that allows you to perfectly harmonize all the fundamental parameters for the growth of vegetables, obtaining a product with a surprising taste and rich in nutritional properties. It is a fully integrated supply chain, where a seed enters and a finished product exits. A virtuous system of food production capable of guaranteeing food safety and responding to sudden climatic shocks capable of compromising the regular food supply. Planet Farms has the ambition to constitute the new agricultural paradigm, for the benefit of all, without compromise. Planet Farms was recently awarded by Confagricoltura with the National Award for Innovation in Agriculture.

Not Red’s first investment in such businesses. The entrepreneur has his own agricultural activities and among the numerous investments he is focusing more and more on health and green. Recent its entry into Cortilia which combines agriculture and technology. The agri-food sector – explains Rosso – can offer great opportunities in economic, employment and social terms, also and above all for young people, and represent a fundamental element for the restart of Italy. I like to invest in projects that reinvent the future and the world of Planet Farms marries quality, nutritional values, and responsible use of resources, and represents a concrete answer to the problems that plague today’s traditional agriculture, replacing the use of chemistry, used to protect the crop, with technology, in the most sustainable way possible. And the product really reminds me of the flavors of the past, those of the farm where I was born. In addition to Cortilia, the current portfolio of Red Circle Investments includes investments in the digital world (the social app Depop and the investment company Iconiq Capital), in eyewear (Marcolin and Retrosuperfuture) and in viticulture (with the recent entry into the capital shareholder of Masi Agricola, one of the best known and most awarded Italian producers of fine wines in the world), as well as investments in international MedTech companies with high potential for technological and therapeutic innovation such as TechWald and CoImmune, and in the water purification sector such as WOW Technology . Also at Red Circle are investments in the hotel and hospitality sector starting from Diesel Farm, to move to the Pelican Hotel in Miami, to the participation in the Chiltern Firehouse Hotel in London, up to the recent acquisition of the historic Ancora hotel in Cortina d’Ampezzo. .

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