«Today in the Senate suspend cashback». The yes of Calenda, Forza Italia and Lega- Corriere.it

After that in the past few days Brothers of Italy had repeatedly pushed to use the 5 billion of this formula in favor of categories in crisis due to anti-Covid restrictions, this morning the leader Giorgia Meloni via Facebook he reiterated: «The Easter closures have dealt another blow to many sectors, from catering to commerce, without forgetting tourism. But the sum allocated for the refreshments has remained dramatically the same, 11 billion, and at the moment there is no trace of new compensation. Today there will be a vote in the Senate and all the political forces will assume a specific responsibility before the Italians. FdI he will do his part, even from the opposition, and I trust that the whole Parliament will support this proposal of common sense ».

April 7, 2021 (change April 7, 2021 | 13:08)


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