Tokyo Olympics, first Neapolitan medals with rowing and Irma Testa

noon, July 28, 2021 – 08:26

Bronze for the «4 senza» with three rowers from Naples in the crew: Matteo Castaldo, Marco Di Costanzo and Giuseppe Vicino. Historic feat of the blue boxer who is in the semifinals and already a safe medal

from Felice Naddeo

The Italian dawn brings the first Neapolitan Olympic medals as a gift. And they are, albeit for different reasons, two historic companies. In Tokyo it is already late in the morning when the crew of the «4 senza» in rowing, with three Neapolitans, conquers the bronze after the replacement of a rower for Covid and an accident in the race with the Great Britain rig. But it is equally incredible the first medal in the history of Italian women’s boxing, in fact already won by Irma Testa. That by passing the turn, for a regulation that does not foresee a match for third place but ex aequo bronze to those who arrive in the semifinals, has essentially already obtained the podium. But now the boxer from Torre Annunziata is only thinking about winning the final.

Stronger than the virus

The “4 without” had started the day with the news of Bruno Rossetti’s positivity to Covid. At that point the crew, composed of the Neapolitans Matteo Castaldo and Giuseppe Vicino with the Lazio Matteo Lodo, ​​welcomed another Neapolitan: Marco Di Costanzo, who up to two months ago had rowed with these companions. The race was incredible: the Azzurri started slowly and then went wild at a thousand meters. And despite a near collision, with the Great Britain boat that invaded the blue lane almost touching the Italian armament, the four rowers won the bronze at only 84 cents from the gold of the Australians and a breath from Romania. It is possible that without this accident, which for a moment caused damage to the blue rowing rhythm, Italy could have achieved even more.

Sul ring

Irma Testa, on the other hand, has already written history before getting on the podium. It is virtually bronze featherweight, first overall medal for Italian women’s boxing at the Olympics, beating Canadian Caroline Veyre. The policewoman from Torre Annunziata, who chose “Gi” as the Japanese name, the equivalent of “honesty and justice”, overtook her opponent with a unanimous verdict, obtaining a sharp 5-0. In the semifinal he will find the Filipina Nesthy Petecio who defeated the Colombian Yeni Marcela Arias. The match is scheduled for Saturday 31 July at 6.39 am Italian.

“I want to do better”

«I guaranteed the medal and it is a great satisfaction – said Irma Testa – I fought very well in the first two rounds, a little less in the third, perhaps due to a bit of fatigue. The goal remains to do well and have fun, but now I play it. Filipino Petecio will be a tough rival in the semifinals, but who wouldn’t be at this level? In the meantime, this result is dedicated to my teacher and to the whole Italian women’s boxing movement ».

July 28, 2021 | 08:26


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