Tokyo Olympics, how many medals can Italy win? Swimming, cycling, fencing where they can arrive –

of Gaia Piccardi, sent to Tokyo

Team Italy is aiming for at least 29. Pellegrini the veteran, Paltrinieri the most awaited. Beware of combat, sailing and surfing. Waiting for the Queen of the Games to give precious metals

Federica has landed, let the Games begin. The most awaited of 384 azzurri, veterana alla quinta Olympic of the delegation dthe 187 women of the Italia Team (there are 197 men), in the village he found the anti-doping doctors with the syringe in hand: “And you don’t want to do a good check as soon as you arrive?” Pellegrini joked on social media, posting the photo of the patch on the sting. Welcome to Tokyo, dear Faith, the city that did not want the Games in a pandemic and instead finds them at home like the virus, and now he can’t wait for them to end (Wednesday out for positivity at Covid the English shooter Hill, the American beach volleyball player Crabb and the Chilean taekwondist Aguirre).

Emperor Naruhito inaugurates the postponed Olympics on Friday in which we hope to beat every record of medals: we start from the minimum goal of 29, one more than Rio 2016, up to 41 which we are credited with by certain generous projections, because an Olympics born amid a thousand uncertainties leaves room for blitzes of unforeseen athletes and surprise results, and in making a virtue of necessity we have always been world champions.

Santa fencing and the liquid pool mine cannot, must not betray. On the platform, after the generation of cannibals (Vezzali, undersecretary waiting for the ceremony representing the Government, and Di Francisca, fresh mother tris), the safe medal is missing but Italy has many cards to play: Alessio Foconi number one in the foil ranking, the three-pointed attack Volpi-ErrigoBatini to be unleashed against the champion Deraglizova, star of the Rocs, the neutral Russians with Tchaikovsky’s piano instead of the anthem, the Flemish in the sword and teams, architrave of the movement. In the pool, with Federica who at 33 comes out of the blocks to hit the final of the 200 style (but if she gets there she is capable of anything), the hungriest is Gregorio Paltrinieri, who swims with the back thought of the recent mononucleosis in his head but does not give up nothing: 800 and 1500 in the pool, 10 km in open water. And if three golds arrive it would not be a miracle, but the magic of the talent of the Carpi fish.

They want the podium Panziera in the back, Martinenghi (super Peaty, however, does not fight), Miressi in the 100-meter trap of Popovici (16 years old), Dressel and Manaudou, la Quadarella against the omnivorous Ledecky and baby Pilate, given in exponential growth curve and called to the great leap into the blue, from 50 to 100 breaststroke. As well as the Settebello, from bronze to gold.

To stay on the well-known playgrounds, the half-way flag bearer Jessica Rossi (tricolor co-owned with Elia Viviani) in the shot, the judoka Manuel Lombardo, the giantess mignon Vanessa Ferrari with a big credit so as to collect with the gods of Olympia (never more deserved podium) and the cronoman Filippo Ganna they are arrows that Italy shoots without fail at the target, while the wrestler Chamizo remains among the chariots of President Malagò: “I dream of his gold, Frank lacks only the Olympic title”.

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Excellent medal trawling could come from new disciplines (Busà in karate, Fossali in climbing, Fioravanti in surfing but the bay of Tsurigasaki Beach is small, not very windy and there are no waves: everything is aimed at tropical storm which is forming off Japan to improve the situation) and by the son of a lesser god (Of the Eagle in taekwondo), with the noble sail of Straulino called to two boarding: in windsurf (today the board is called RS: X) with Camboni and in mixed catamarans (Nacra) with Ruggero Aunt and Caterina Banti.

And the dream dream would be that Italian athletics, very fast on the sprint straight thanks to the velvet muscles of Marcell Jacobs, managed to return to the noblest podium thirteen years after Schwazer in Beijing, perhaps with Gimbo tamberi above, the fakir from the Marche who has dedicated the last five years of his life to the perfect jump. Run up, take off, hey. Italy in Tokyo, to stay on the train of the superpowers, must not be afraid of the bar. Higher faster stronger, and without fear.

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