Tokyo Olympics, the director of the opening ceremony is also gone. For anti-Semitic jokes in 1998-

of Luca Gelmini

New tile on the organization. Kentaro Kobayashi, head of the show on Friday, forced to leave: ironized about the Holocaust

Roll another head in Tokyo and there is always a valid reason. One day from the official start of the Games, the director of the opening ceremony left his prestigious position: Kentaro Kobayashi, this is the name of the outcast, was hunted for his Holocaust jokes made over twenty years ago. The past that returns, therefore, as for the composer of the opening ceremony scheduled for Friday, that Keigo Oyamada, aka Cornelius, torpedoed for an interview almost 30 years ago in which he admitted having bullied a disabled student.

Kobayashi’s fault must instead be sought in his own profession of origin, that of a comedian (click here to see some of his previous performances), as he was removed for joking about the Shoah during a 1998 show. In the gag – let’s call it that – Kobayashi commented on the mass extermination of 6 million Jews by the Nazis saying Let’s play the Holocaust.

The skit was meant to mimic a paper doll game for children. It goes back to a time when I couldn’t make people laugh the way I wanted, and I think I was trying to get people’s attention recklessly, the comedian-director tried to apologize. Too late. The Simon Wiesenthal Center called them anti-Semitic jokes. More. Any person, however creative, has no right to mock the victims of the Nazi genocide – said Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center -. The Nazi regime also killed disabled Germans. The presence of this person at the Tokyo Olympics would insult the memory of six million Jews and would be a cruel mockery of the Paralympics.

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