tries to bite the opponent like Tyson, the crazy reaction of Baalla-

from Antonio Castaldo

The referee didn’t notice anything and New Zealander Nyika still won 5-0. Later came the disqualification of the Moroccan boxer

The jaw is wide open in an attempt to bite opponent, held at that moment in a close combat. happened again, 24 years after Mike Tyson’s famous bite in the Las Vegas ring. This time it happened at the Olympics, where even the rudest boxing wears the clothes of sportiness and respect between opponents. Protagonist of the gesture the Moroccan Youness Baalla, 22, who was perhaps disheartened because he saw the valid match slip away to access the quarter-finals of the maximum category, tried to chew the cheekbone of the opponent, New Zealander David Nyika.

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From the pictures not clear whether or not Baalla succeeded in his aim, the fact is that The world he immediately reacted and complained to the referee. However, he did not see anything and did not interrupt the match. In the end, the New Zealander still won 5-0: I didn’t think he would get away with it – Nyika later said -. He tried to bite my cheekbone, probably just took a breath of sweat. Subsequently the judges returned to the issue, disqualifying the Moroccan, although he was already out of the Games.

The episode, as we said, brings to mind the meeting of June 27, 1997, when Evander Holyfield’s right ear paid the costs of Tyson’s impetuosity. Again the referee did not realize what was happening, but when he saw the blood gushing copiously and the suffering of the then reigning WBA heavyweight champion, close it match. After the intervention in the doctor’s ring, the meeting continued, with a paroxysmal level of tension, until the disqualification of King Iron Mike who then explained the feral assault: I’m no longer vegan, I need meat.

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