2-2-1080x586I would like to offer you a somewhat provocative reflection, bordering on disbelief given the blog theme and my idea on Aliens. But this morning, immersed in various ruminations – starting with the news that two scientists have proposed another solution to Oumuamua’s enigma: it would be a piece of frozen nitrogen that broke off from an exoplanet – something special went through my skull. : what if the aliens never found them because “we” are the aliens? The consideration also arises from the exploration of Mars, which increasingly presents itself as a planet with many similarities to the Earth. Among other things, more and more experts are considering the prospect that there too had been lakes and oceans there (only a blind person can rule it out: just look at certain images). So here is my idea (perhaps not original, but today more convinced): Mars was an Earth, but then it went to extinction and those who lived there transferred their arms and luggage to a very similar planet, gradually populated and colonized in various moments (this could also explain many aspects of the so-called space archeology and some controversial passages in the various religious faiths). So we would be the Martians. But our generators weren’t going anywhere else – they just changed places. And they won’t return, of course. Maybe one day it will be up to us to do the same thing and continue this chain of survival. Furthermore, my thesis does not exclude alien life in other galaxies or in space-time dimensions that we cannot reach, I repeat, it is just an idea: if you consider it odd, a nice cold shower will let me through.

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