thumbnail_ruote-obbl-kAPC-U32401664570031ntB-656x492 @ Corriere-Web-SectionsPaolo Virtuani, a colleague of the Corsera chronicles who also follows the trend of science, was captured by the Aliens and started a detoxification and rehabilitation program as a “cicappista” and “pierangelista”. Recovery times will presumably be long, but some comforting signs already come from the work camp where he is (apparently on Zeta Reticuli). In fact, he sent a curious article to in which he explains how NASA in the parachute used to “kill” the Perseverance rover has hidden an encrypted message. Someone very attentive and insightful has noticed that a binary code was used (also used by computers to compose numbers and letters using only two signals) to write the phrase “Dare Mighty Things”, “Dare Things Powerful”, an expression – he observes not wrongly the colleague – that in a D’Annunzio quid if you return to the movement “Memento audere semper” of the Vate. Anyway, this is the link where you can find and read the article. To me, however, a doubt / question also arises: given that the binary code, thanks to its simplicity, can have a universal value, it is not that that effective phrase designed to enhance the role and weight of the mission is also a message for some other civilization in the cosmos? Virtuani does not contemplate him at all and it is also for this reason that his “rehab” will be laborious.

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