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As is now widely known, today, June 4, the New York Times anticipated the possible contents of the awaited report on UFOs that should be released on June 25. For details, I refer you to the article by my colleague Massimo Gaggi, former deputy director of Corriere della Sera and today a columnist based in the USA (in recent days, together with me and with the coordination of Tommaso Pellizzari, he created a podcast on topic): to read its text, click here. The disclosure of the preview has once again moved the waters which, on the subject, have recently been quite agitated. But many, even in comments on other blog posts, have already expressed negative judgments, disappointed by the fact that the alien option has been substantially thrown in the back even if not completely excluded. Conversely, there is a tendency to accentuate the concept of the military option (albeit of unknown origin) and the concept that these bizarre moving objects could be a threat. My comment – anticipating that the next post will still focus on an interesting interview by Pierangelo Garzia – is very simple: I am amazed that you are surprised. Did you believe that the fateful day of disclosure was coming? Apart from the fact that it is still appropriate to wait for the official and definitive version of the document, I do not have too many illusions: a “lame” disclosure will arrive and I suspect that this whole affair has a not so hidden purpose (to snatch more money for military investments, justified with the urgency of being careful in the face of the actions of unidentified bad guys, always human, in any case), without neglecting the possible adoption of more or less authoritarian control measures, given that they have it worked well on other fronts (and here I plug my mouth and stop my tongue). For completeness of information, however, I also report the evaluation of those who have a more optimistic view of the scenario: this is the case, for example, of Vladimiro Bibolotti, who spoke to Adnkronos. ufo-omaha-krUG-U32701701431883kF-656x492 @ Courier-Web-Sections

“The report is clear and says that no extraterrestrial hypothesis is excluded. And then why – if it were as some claim – would a secret weapon be revealed to enemies? It wouldn’t make any sense. If they are secret weapons, no one knows them. We have films on films and to get to know these objects in depth there should be another physics, since they fly in an unthinkable way, violating our conceptions ”. Vladimiro Bibolotti, president emeritus of the National UFO Center (Cun) and Italian deputy representative of the ICER, the International Coalition for Extraterrestrial Research, said this to Adnkronos, commenting on the US intelligence report on UFOs which ascertained the fact that the objects , or phenomena, observed by the military over the course of a couple of decades, are not the result of US technology. “Is there any technology that can decipher them? No – he explains -, also because NASA is even struggling to send people to the moon … If we had the right technologies, we would have solved all kinds of problems in this regard. The documents say that these objects exist, and these are statements that make history. Just as it is historical what is stated for the first time: UFOs are real, they exist. It is not known what they are, but they exist. And no nation on Earth is capable of building them, which is why we speak of ‘extraterrestrials. They are the same flying objects over Washington in 1952. Now there is great embarrassment because with these confirmations we do not know how to justify it. I don’t have proof, I’m going by exclusion and logic ”.

Post scriptum: at the last moment, “mamma Rai” postponed the TG2 Post transmission on UFOs that should have been broadcast at 9 pm on the second network to a later date. Not beautiful. But perhaps emblematic of something: but here, again, the mouth and tongue are blocked.

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