downloadIn the long wave of comments following the publication of the famous American dossier in June, there is also the opinion of Nick Pope, now a very famous figure in the world of ufology also for his background as a consultant on the subject of the Ministry of the Interior of Great Britain . According to Pope, that US Defense report poses first of all a serious underlying problem: “These UAPs, or UFOs, if you prefer, can certainly be a problem for the safety of the various nations and also for air traffic.” But this is still nothing because the former officer of His Majesty has a very concrete idea that does not discount: “Let’s get out of our heads, as many science fiction films have told us, that we would be able with our weapons, to stop a ‘possible alien invasion (so fans of Independence Day, just to name a case, resign themselves: Tom Cruise would succumb in reality): if the extraterrestrials land on Earth, they open it like a nut ”. Explanation? Simple: it lies in the presumable technological gap that we would accuse of civilizations that would have acquired technologies and systems to arrive from deep space, while our current “celestial” enterprises are as if they were conducted in the home garden. If you want to read the entire interview released on the MetroNews site, click here. Meanwhile, I can tell you that here in Tokyo every day I go to the Olympic press center, located at Tokyo Big Sight, I have the clear idea of ​​getting into an alien spaceship …

big sight

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