YouTube preview imageI bring you to the recent report by the Pentagon and US Intelligence to offer you this interesting speech by Mauro Biglino, published on his Youtube channel: Biglino is a character often at the center of controversy (also because he certainly does not send things to say) but I think he should be listened to carefully since his reflection combines today’s reality with events that also take us back to a deep past as well as to very recent discoveries. In short, I hope for a “secular” listening, without prejudice, and a good number of comments. In informing you that the Air Force has made public two new cases of Ovni sighting that occurred in May (here is the link reported by the Cun), I conclude by anticipating that from the end of next week until at least mid-August I will not be able to deal with the blog too much: the Olympic Games are more difficult than usual due to the absurd series of stakes set by the organizers and I am leaving for Tokyo. I will try to prepare the contributions first – I also know of a “Martian” post coming from Tetricus -, but I will not have much way to stay on top of the news even if I will certainly be able to publish all your comments. I trust in your understanding.