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YouTube preview imageHere is an interesting link, which runs on Youtube: it offers a summary of the most significant UFO sightings on board aircraft. Obviously, only the most recent ones are covered, in the era in which with a smartphone (set in flight mode) you can photograph or film what is happening out there. There are 10 cases. There are really interesting images, let’s say that the passengers were lucky. There are no videos from the cockpits, of course: but the pilots also spot and, perhaps with some reticence, admit something. Among other things, in the recent book “Ufo-the pilots speak” Sabrina Pieragostini and Alberto Negri have collected many of their testimonies.

“Look at the sky, see the Moon”: there is an inscription on the monolith that appeared in Turkey

800A new monolith also appeared in Turkey. The metal block was found last Friday, February 5, by a farmer in the province of Sanliurfa. Compared to those that appeared in recent months, starting from the first, that of Utah, it has a distinctive feature: it is the first that has an inscription. The engraved sentence carries an old Turkish script that reads “Look at the sky, see the Moon”. The monolith, 3 meters high, was discovered near the Unesco World Heritage site of Gobekli Tepe. What to say? The phrase adds an extra touch of mystery, but does not exclude that any joker on duty had it sculpted. In short, in my suspending judgment – on this and on the other cases – I still remain skeptical.

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