“Parking” for a few days an interesting post made by our Tetricus to give precedence to the echoes of what has recently been held in the US and on social networks around the world. As the “UFO translations” site www.paolog.webs.com perfectly summarized, it is an article published by the Washington Examiner in which it refers to an interview given to Fox News by John Ratcliffe, who served as National Director US intelligence under the Trump administration from May 2020 to January 20, 2021. Ratcliffe says in this interview that there are far more UFO sightings reports than are currently publicly known. He also claims that “officials are always looking for a ‘plausible explanation’, but sometimes they just aren’t.” Ratcliffe also said that it “would be healthy” for as much information about UFOs to be made public as possible and that he himself tried during his tenure, but did not have time to put that information in a form that would allow be released to the public. The article ends by noting the fact that Ratcliff is not the only exponent of the intelligence community to have talked about UFOs lately and reports the recent statements by John Brennan, former head of the CIA, according to which “some of the phenomena we are seeing continue to be inexplicable and could in fact be some kind of phenomenon produced by something we do not yet understand that could involve activities that some might interpret as a different form of life ”. For the record, Ratcliffe promises an acceleration of the “disclosure” of certain issues: by June he argues that there could be important news “because the whole world will see the recorded images”. What to say? Nothing more than what my friend Kimi Raikkonen, F1 driver, would say: “Let’s wait and see”. In these cases he becomes a kind of human Occam’s razor. Yes, let’s wait and see if these steps forward will become much more substantial “passettoni”. I don’t give credit anymore: now, to have my money, see camel. This, however, is the link to the Washington Examiner article: you will also find the clip of the interview on Fox News.

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