YouTube preview imageWas there also an Afghan Roswell? It seems so and above all it seems that the thing has escaped despite the 12 thousand files of the famous Project Blue Book are now online. Perhaps because they were attracted to other episodes, no one paid any attention to the report sent in 1956 by the USAF Attache in Kabul at the White-Patterson base in Ohio. It is the headquarters of the Blue Book and a historically crucial place in the study of UFO phenomena. The officer stationed in Afghanistan relayed a message received from the governor of a northeastern province: a metal disc about 15 meters in diameter, with a series of small, thick and transparent windows around the top, had landed there. It may be a coincidence, but four days after that episode the government of Kabul signed a trade agreement with the Soviets to restructure its infrastructure, a prelude to a collaboration with the USSR which would later be interrupted with the war and the invasion of years. and years later. In short, UFOs and Soviets (in addition to Aliens?) Mix in this bUFO Newsreel that I propose to you thanks to the report of our Suntheory,

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