YouTube preview imageDear friends of the blog, to greet my departure for Japan and the Games (which will inevitably cause a slowdown in the operations of Mystery bUFO at the post level, while there will be no problems in publishing your comments in real time), I pass you to comment the video of this sighting which took place on the Roman coast last 12 July. The protagonist is a “shape-shifting” UFO. The author of the video is Fabrizio Mollicone of Skywatcher Ostialido and at this link you will find his testimony, collected from the website. This is part of his story: “It changed shapes and colors continuously and moved against the wind. Then, in the end, he disappeared flying like a bolt of lightning upwards ”. As you will read in the interview, Fabrizio excludes that it was a balloon / balloon, or a drone and the like. As you well know, in these cases I prefer to go with the lead steps and not completely erase the shadow of doubt that assails me. Besides, I could be wrong. Certainly the video, assuming good faith and the fact that it is not fake, is not a little striking. But I leave the word to your impressions and your judgments.じ ゃ あ ね / じ ゃ あ な / ま た ね / ま た な / じ ゃ あ ま た: it seems to mean “see you soon”.