metal-ufo-e1613200385360I still think that there is a certain ferment on the ufology front and that someone has decided to move the waters with issues that even in the recent past would not even have been touched upon. As if the admissions on the famous videos of the USAF pilots weren’t enough, or the decision / order to tell within 6 months what exactly is known about the UFOs (even if dubiously renamed UAP), here is an even more significant step. The DIA, the Pentagon’s Defense Intelligence Agency, did it, and the Defense HQ basically admitted to possessing materials from unidentified flying objects. All this would lead to the creation of “metamaterials” and futuristic technological components. Among other things, this detail brings me back to the 2018 conference of Luis Elizondo at the Cun conference in Rome. On the occasion, the one who gave the first revelations about certain phenomena that cannot be explained with our knowledge, showed images of these strange materials. But those were just photos, in fact: if real objects were to be put under our noses, well, the question would get interesting. However, to read about the Dia and the Pentagon, I refer you to the article by Pablo Ayo and Maurizio Baiata published on the blog of the former: here is the link.

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