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So much thundered … that it rained. That is, it happens that one of our dearest friends, I am talking about Tetricus, on 10 August lived an experience that he will hardly forget in his native Gubbio (where he sometimes returns). He saw something special in the sky and, above all, he managed to interface with this object. Gubbio, a particular land, either for the natural pyramid that overlooks the historic village, or for particular episodes that take place in the surrounding countryside. Just a friend of Tetricus reminded me of an episode 30 years ago that involved him and three friends: UFOs have nothing to do with it, but presences of another type, perhaps demonic, in the scenario of a strange cottage full of dead animals (which, however, they still seemed alive, given for example the mooing that could be heard) and of a statue of a Madonna that first appeared and then mysteriously disappeared. Unfortunately, one of the four is gone today, but Tetricus’s friend assures me that even today those who survived … I believe that something similar will happen for Tetricus himself, after this special meeting which he is going to tell us for your comments.

gubbio-panoramaA few nights ago in Gubbio I had the answer to two questions that have always plagued ufologists: 1) Are flying saucers (yes …) piloted by intelligent beings? 2) Can they communicate with humans through telepathy? I’ll tell you what happened in the Umbrian town around midnight on August 10, San Lorenzo. Fateful day, you say, due to meteorites that fall by the thousands on Earth. However, meteorites have nothing to do with what I have seen … I would like to point out that I have always been a Cartesian and that I do not allow myself to be easily influenced by anything. I was sitting with my friend Elia on a bench to take some fresh air near a church in the Umbrian town, also talking about UFOs but only incidentally, when suddenly in the narrow strip of sky bordered by two tall medieval buildings in front of us appears a star”. “Oh yes it’s a star” Elijah says “but how strange, now I don’t see it anymore”. “You don’t see it anymore because it has moved higher… See? it’s there ”, I point out. “But the stars don’t move with this speed,” he replies. “Yeah, so what is it. It can’t be a racing car because the racing cars appear and disappear so fast that they don’t even give you time to say ‘A’ “. The fact is that the object, always moving in that narrow space and without ever leaving the margins defined by the perspective, begins to send signals of light. At first increasing and decreasing the brightness, then disappearing and reappearing now higher, now lower. Then a sudden brighter flash and disappears to reappear out of nowhere a little further down. Then he begins to send light signals towards us and it could not be otherwise because he continued to use the narrow “window” that made him visible to us as if he wanted to be seen only by the two of us. Then, incredulous, I turn to the object: “Increase the brightness”, I order. But he takes me seriously: he emits a flash. I shiver and I don’t speak anymore… A few seconds pass and it disappears once again. “He has disappeared”, I say, motioning to Elijah to get up. “No, here he reappears, but what does he do?”. This time he gives his best, he doubles. It is not possible .. Yet it all really happened before our astonished eyes on an August night in Umbria … Ah, I forgot to answer the two questions at the beginning: 1) Yes; 2) Yes …


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