Vaccines in the company, the 5 reasons why they still do not start. Possible ok in late May

When do we leave? When will all over 60s or over 65s be vaccinated?

For the start of vaccines in the company, the commissioner structure led by General Francesco Paolo Figliuolo speaks of late May, early June. In May, the commissioner structure estimates that it will have between 15 and 17 million vaccines available. Exactly what is needed, keeping the pace of 500 thousand vaccinations a day, in public centers that are vaccinating with the criterion of age. In June it is estimated that 30 million vaccines will be available. After having fed the public vaccination centers of the Regions, therefore, doses will remain to be distributed to the vaccination centers of the companies. That said, it is unclear whether we will leave when all over 60s or all over 65s are vaccinated. The commissioner structure will also check on the basis of the vaccination trend in this month of May. Of course companies are trampling. In order to be ready as soon as the green light is given, Eni has already launched an expression of interest among its employees. The company has identified the activation of vaccination points at its clinical facilities as the optimal solution for the administration of vaccines. Burger King vaccinates the 4,000 employees and will give the vaccine to as many trade workers. Confindustria Lombardia, led by Marco Bonometti, asks for certain times for the departure of vaccines in the company. Today we need certain dates and methods, and not further postponements, in order to be able to vaccinate our collaborators, echoes Valter Caiumi, president of Confindustria Emilia centro (Modena, Bologna and Ferrara).

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