Verstappen-Hamilton accident at Silverstone, Red Bull submits request for review to Fia-

The British Mercedes driver was punished with a 10 second stop (and two points on his license) for not avoiding the contact at Turn 9 against the Dutchman’s car, which ended up on the barriers at very high speed. Despite the chronometric handicap Hamilton had managed to win a Silverstone reopening the World Cup, as the gap in the standings from Verstappen passed from -33 to -8 points.

On Thursday in Budapest the referees will decide whether to accept the re-examination, according to the regulations a sporting sanction can be reconsidered only on the basis of elements that were not known during the judgment. however a difficult path, Ferrari tried in 2019 after the Canadian GP: Sebastian Vettel he had been penalized with 5 seconds of stop for an irregular maneuver on Hamilton on lap 48, the Englishman then won. The FIA ​​welcomed the review but did not change the decision.

July 27, 2021 (change July 28, 2021 | 1:00 pm)


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