Vomero, Pisani (Diego’s lawyer) launches the challenge in the fiefdom of de Magistris

twelve o’clock, April 23, 2021 – 08:30

Center-right: Catello Maresca, announcement possible by 5 May

of Paolo Cuozzo

UThere is still no real table to discuss the candidacies for the presidencies of the Municipalities. Both to the right and to the left. Moreover, since there are still no candidates for mayors of the two coalitions, it would be difficult to talk about agreements already made or desistance pacts already signed. This does not mean that there is no ferment, and even a lot; and that there are no aspirants or that there are no very complicated agreements to sign in the presence of such a fragmented framework. Especially on the left, where Antonio Bassolino and Alessandra Clemente are already candidates. In the center-right, however, the eventual descent into the field of the magistrate Catello Maresca, could and should simplify the political framework with FdI, Lega and FI which would almost certainly all converge on him.

Quinta Municipalit

From the first rumors it is clear that one of the strongest battlegrounds will be in the Fifth Municipality, that of the Vomero-Arenella districts, that is, the former fief of de Magistris and the area in which the mayor lives. But not only him. Because this Municipality, in the current majority, sees several excellent residents: from Alessandra Clemente, candidate for mayor for the current coalition of de Magistris, to Mario Coppeto, leader of the Left in the Municipality and former president of the Municipality. But the two districts are also electoral ground for the municipal councilors, Marco Gaudini and Luigi Felaco, and for the president of the municipal council, Alessandro Fucito. At present, in Vomero-Arenella the outgoing president Paolo De Luca, a former Dema who later moved to Italia viva. The Neapolitan mayor no longer focuses on him. However, it cannot be ruled out that Renzi’s party may obtain re-nomination for De Luca in the context of a very complicated agreement with the Democratic Party. But not even that in the end, as happened for two municipal councilors, that De Luca makes a backward journey towards de Magistris.

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New Consumers

In any case, whatever the future of De Luca, in the Quinta municipalit the center-right will almost certainly focus on Angelo Pisani, the Neapolitan lawyer of Maradona, author of the book The lawyer of the D10Sand former center-right president of the Municipality of Secondigliano. Pisani’s list, leader of the Noi Consumatori movement, could be linked to the magistrate Catello Maresca and should be called Vomero-Arenella. It is known that Pisani, regardless of the agreements in the coalitions, will still be in the field. The lawyer strongly hopes to be able to run in coalition with Maresca. Who, it is said in civil society circles, could announce his candidacy by May 5, once the procedures for requesting leave from the Ministry of Justice and the CSM have started, and be at the head of 4 or 5 civic lists and supported by the three center-right parties. In the territory of the center-left, Nino Simeone, president of the Mobilit Commission of the Municipality, elected to the Council with the former prosecutor and today Deluchiano also looks at the fiefdom of de Magistris: the candidacy for the presidency of the Fifth Municipality is also of great interest to him. Son of art – his father Carmine was for a long time municipal councilor of the PSDI in the years of the pentapartite – Simeone could be supported by the governor once an agreement was found on the name of the mayor Pd-M5s. An agreement that looks very complicated, however, not only to choose the candidate of the center-left for the succession of de Magistris, but also – again between Pd and Cinquestelle – in terms of nominations for presidencies for the Municipalities.

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The other rumors

At the Sixth Municipality, that of San Giovanni-Barra-Ponticelli, today in the hands of the Democratic Party with the president Salvatore Boggia, it is said, for example, that the most important seat of the parliamentarian could also be of interest to the councilor Marta Matano of the M5s. And for a simple and understandable political reasoning: that, in fact, is the Municipality where the grillini have fared better in the recent past and that the electoral college of Senator Presutto of the 5S, husband of Matano. That is why a moment of friction between the Democratic Party and the Democratic Party, which has always been rooted in that territory and where the outgoing municipal councilors, Salvatore Madonna and Aniello Esposito, act politically, as it is told in the rooms of the Town Hall, should not be excluded at all. Another name of the Cinquestelle for the race for the presidency of the Municipalities could also be that of Matteo Brambilla, former challenger of de Magistris in 2016, and resident in Chiaiano. Shines the name that circulates to challenge the outgoing Apostolos Paipais in that area, he too migrated to Italy alive and waiting to understand Renzi’s party with whom he will take sides. Confirmations, at least on the center-left side, for Ivo Poggiani in the Third Municipality, who broke with de Magistris but who, as outgoing, could find himself supported by the Democratic Party. At the Prima Muncipalit, that of Chiaia-Posillipo, the outgoing center-right, Francesco De Giovanni, should be reappointed. Even if there are rumors of a return to the field of the former, historic president, Fabio Chiosi. The aspirant of the center left in that municipality is not yet known. For the other parliamentarians, the speeches are all still very uncertain. First, in fact, it is necessary to know the candidate of the center left. And then, check the descent into the field of Maresca.

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