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The Italian teacher in various posts on Facebook, later deleted, accused the USA of the war in Ukraine, called Zelensky a “Nazi” and Ursula von der Leyen “a maid”

Controversies about Stefania Modestino D’Angelo, leading candidate for the Senate in Caserta with the Action of Carlo Calenda, for his pro-Putin posts and support for the theories of Alessandro Orsini, the expert in Sociology of terrorism always at the center of confrontations on TV for his anti-NATO positions. The Italian professor has published several posts, many of which have since been deleted, decidedly against the line of Action and Italia viva, which run together with the Policies of September 25 —: the war in Ukraine, according to her, was “provoked by the greed of the United States and by anti-Putin extremists”, President Volodymir Zelensky has been defined as “an enemy of his people” and has gone “from a Nazi to a hero of the Pd”, “a delivery boy” is the French President Emmanuel Macron and “a maid” the president of the EU Commission Ursula von der Leyen. In an old post he wrote: “Since the last months of 2021, France and Germany have moved, then Biden arrived with the Nato means for New Year’s… History will prove Putin right while for France and Germany we can already talk about a diplomatic mess on . each front. Putin is right”.

All the positions that, brought out now, have triggered the harsh reaction of Carlo Calenda on Twitter: “The lady in question was reported by the territory, she is a teacher and journalist engaged in social affairs in Caserta. Our mistake for not having checked the posts on foreign policy. I take responsibility for it. We are managing the thing”.

She immediately wrote another post on Facebook to respond to the controversy and clarify her “line”: “Given that I am a convinced Atlanticist and Europeanist and that I fully condemn the invasion of Ukraine by Putin not only as a pacifist, but because I am convinced that the value of the independence of peoples and states is essential – he wrote -. It should be added that I consider plurality of thought and the right to express oneself freely without censorship to be useful to democracy. I must, dutifully, clarify that some of my posts have been cleverly exploited. I am a supporter of the unique thinking that derives from my Crocian training and I owe precisely to this type of training the ability to criticize in a specific context”.

On his many posts in support of Professor Orsini’s theories, he explains: “I was indirectly challenged, and this already says a lot, for having recognized Prof. Orsini’s thinking, when, on the other hand, I contested the criticisms that had been leveled at him as a teacher to his . students the need to know how to reason independently. Given that I am a convinced Atlanticist and Europeanist, I consider the plurality of thought useful to democracy and this is what allows me to respect even non-shared positions. The Single Thought is the death of thought and of an entire society, and this is undeniable: in history the single thought was of those who condemned Galileo and it is the condition to abolish not only every form of knowledge, but it is the most dangerous condition for the democracy. This is what I always try to teach my students.”

In a subsequent post, finally, Stefania Modestino D’Angelo attacked those who disputed her race in Caserta: “But how bothersome is the candidacy of a person from civil society? All lined up against a woman. But how good! I don’t have skeletons in the closet and it’s a big flaw. My transparency instrumentalized with sentences extrapolated from the contexts in which they were written. Being an outsider can mess up a lot of games… and in my territory there are a lot of them. For the most part, this gives honor to those who chose the territory as Carlo Calenda did, which I would have voted to ignore. #ItaliaSulSerio is the only valid alternative and the response my candidacy has had proves it. These attachments make me bitter, but the game they hide is far too clear…an operation of censorship of the person digging into my profile. But how much attention… I thank everyone for the attention… I will go forward with the strength of the many friends who supported me, strengthened by this wave of anti-democracy and by the stalkerage that has been active against me since this morning. All with Action for a #SeriousItaly With Calenda and Renzi. Let’s make the idea valid!”.

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