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The third friendly match ends 0-0 Torino. Against the Arabs ofAl Fateh, the grenades, between a few wasted opportunities and some difficulties in raising the pace, remain dry. Juric focused on Zaza from the first minute (Sanabria stopped due to fatigue), with Baselli and Linetty to inspire him: the Lucanian had at least one good chance, as did the two midfielders Lukic and Mandragora, but the goal did not come. In the second half, with the formation full of second lines, things did not go better. Now the Bull thinks about the last two days of retirement and then the friendlies at home Rennes and AZ Alkmaar, two tests that will be more indicative.

In Bressanone everything took place under the eyes of President Urbano Cairo, who took advantage of the opportunity to not miss the traditional visit to the retired team. The president, after the match, stopped to talk with the reporters present: main theme, the future of Andrea Belotti. “We made him a very important renewal offer for what are our possibilities – said the patron grenade -. If he did not accept we would take note. Now let’s wait, I don’t like negotiating in the newspapers ». It is clear that the captain’s fate will decisively influence the club’s next moves: «We still have a month to go to close the renewal or to do other things. If anyone asked? Better not go into details, it is nothing new that he is a player who can be of interest to many ».

President Cairo, however, hints at something when asked about the possible purchase of Marko Pjaca. «Today Vagnati is not here for work reasons. He is working, let’s see what happens … ». Everything suggests that the 26-year-old Juventus striker could be the next hit of the market: after the player’s yes, the Juventus club is also close on the basis of a loan with the right of redemption. These are hot hours for the definition of the deal: perhaps the announcement already today. “We are looking around for a playmaker – says Cairo -. For the rest, we already have a rather dense squad, perhaps even too much. If someone were sold, other players could arrive ». The patron’s afternoon ended with a face-to-face chat with Juric already on the pitch at Bressanone: “I’m here to talk to him, his opinion is fundamental”.

Il Toro is a work in progress: news coming in the next few days.

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July 27, 2021 | 20:51


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