Who doesn’t remember the tune (called a jingle in commercials) used to celebrate a special star among “millions of millions”? This star, distinctive and unique among the rest, has been with us since the days of black and white, and we’ve all hummed this jingle, as children and adults alike.

“There are many stars…”. This sentence sounds today in a new version. A harmonization of the chorus and an original use of adult voices with those of children transport us to the past but also to a present full of sweetness, giving life to a reinterpretation of the famous jingle that won the third edition of the Accademia della Stella founded da Negroni, a project created to discover and support young people in the fields that represent the creative excellence of Made in Italy. Four students from the CPM Music Institute in Milan – Davidemettifogo, Mario Vernetti, Marco Pezzali and Gaetano Dino Chirico – enriched and rearranged the melody and won a grant to invest in the training.

Were the conductor Enrico Melozzithe journalist and music critic Gino Castaldo and the singer dawn The jurors have decided to select the 7 finalists of the 2023 edition of the Accademia della Stella 75 applications From students by three Italian music institutes (in addition to CPM Music Institute from Milan, the Saint Louis College of Music from Rome and NAM extension – New audio music media from Milan). The winning version was determined by users from all over Italy through an online poll on the Negroni website, which resulted in a total of 100,000 registrations about 60,000 votes.

“Reinterpret Such an iconic jingle and at the same time a great opportunity for professional growth explains the “band” of the CPM Music InstituteIt was an unprecedented challenge for us, very stimulating and not easy at all. The basis of our idea is the decision to shift an essential element like the voice, which traditionally plays a melodic role, to the complexity of contemporary productions, highlighting the different rhythmic and tonal possibilities and actually making them also a sonic element in design. By combining our attitudes and skills complete the four winners This is how we managed to create a synergy between our different musical backgrounds and we are really very happy that we were able to win over both the expert and the public jury.”

“The stars are many, millions of millions…” is one of the more jingles lived in Italy for a long time broadcast over 47,000 minutes in the last 20 years alone. A buzzword that has shaped the history of advertising. It was born in the 1960s and enters the collective imagination as a species Hymn to the good mood. Even today, it tells the more than 100-year history of the brand in a fresh and carefree manner. From radio commercials at Carosello to interpretations by artists such as Enrico Ruggeri, Mario Biondi, Noemi and Tiromancino.

The jingle is associated with the historic food company founded in Cremona in 1907 by Pietro Negroni. In 2021, on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of one of its most famous products, the Accademia della Stella was born, which in these three editions of the prize has managed to highlight the potential of many young people.

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