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There really is one Masonic lodge called Hungary or the minutes of the lawyer Piero Amara are they a set of true, plausible and false facts useful for consuming revenge or generating blackmail? It is the knot that will have to untie the prosecutor of Perugia owner ofinvestigation started after the statements of the lawyer already convicted of corruption in judicial acts and under investigation in numerous investigations, including that concerning a misdirection against Eni.

Here, then, is what has happened in the last two years, all the stages of a story involving the Superior Council of the Judiciary and risks overwhelming the judiciary, already undermined by the Palamara case.

The first interrogation

The December 9, 2019 the lawyer Piero Amara comes questioned in Milan in the presence of his lawyer Savino Mondello. For the first time, talk about a lodge “called Hungary of which I belong”. List names and circumstances, he says meetings and interviews. With justice – as mentioned above – Amara has numerous open accounts: her statements must be taken with caution. Two days later the prosecutor Paolo Storari wrote an email to the prosecutor Francesco Greco “To highlight the need to make registrations to make assessments”. Amara continues to speak, fills in more minutes. Then Italy goes into lockdown and the investigation slows down.

The list of the lodge Hungary

«In the lodge of Hungary – Amara says – there are leaders of the police, politicians, magistrates, entrepreneurs, lawyers. I have a list of 40 names but the official one took her overseas Calafiore– or his partner, the lawyer Giuseppe Calafiore. Amara talks about a favor done to the then president Giuseppe Conte “When he was still a lawyer.” He gives other names, but doesn’t deliver the list.

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The meeting with Davigo

According to prosecutor Storari, there is resistance from the top of the office to carry out investigations: so, in April, he decides to move independently. He contacts the director of the CSM Piercamillo Davigo and gives him copies of the minutes of Amara. But he chooses an anomalous procedure: he does not present a complaint, he does not ask for the protection of the CSM. He tells Davigo that he is hindered and leaves copies extracted from his computer without signature and therefore “working”. He does so despite knowing – since he is one of the owners of the file – that the minutes were kept secret.

The suspects

On 9 May 2020, the Milan public prosecutor enters Amara himself, his partner, Calafiore, and his former collaborator in the register of suspects Alessandro Ferraro. Numerous testimonies are collected during the summer.

Davigo, Ermini and Salvi

Shortly after speaking with Storari, and despite the anomalous procedure described above, Davigo decides to proceed, albeit informally. Talk to the vice president of the CSM David Ermini and reveals that he has a copy of the minutes. He informs – but always with personal interviews and without formalizing anything – other councilors of the CSM: i togati Giuseppe Cascini e Giuseppe Marra, the layman Fulvio Gigliotti, perhaps others. Then he goes to the Attorney General at the Supreme Court Giovanni Salvi. He tells him that there are internal conflicts in the Milan prosecutor’s office on a delicate investigation involving Amara. Salvi denies that he ever spoke to him about minutes.

Salvi and the Greek prosecutor

In an official note, issued on Sunday 2 May 2021, Salvi declares: «I immediately informed the Public Prosecutor of Milan. In an interview that took place in the following days in my office, on June 16, Dr. Greco informed me in general terms of the situation and the initiatives taken. It was agreed on the opportunity of coordination with the prosecutors of Rome and Perugia. The coordination was started immediately and proved fruitful ».

Investigation in Perugia

Amara cites numerous magistrates serving in Rome and other cities. It is decided that the competence lies with the prosecutor of Perugia driven by Raffaele Cantone which deals with the judges on duty in the capital. The file was therefore transferred to the Umbrian capital who summons Amara for a new interrogation.

The leak of news

In October 2020 Davigo retires and leaves the CSM.

A few days later a reporter from the Everyday occurrence receives an envelope with an anonymous letter. Inside there are copies of Amara’s minutes and a paper accusing the Milan magistrates of not having investigated. The reporter presents a complaint in Milan.

While the investigations in Perugia are going on, a journalist from Republic receives the same package. And she too decides to file a complaint, she turns to the Rome Prosecutor’s Office.

The records of the secretariat

The checks carried out by the Roman magistrates on the telephone records of the journalist (who reported that she had been contacted by a woman who announced the sending of the dossier), make it possible to identify Marcella Contrafatto, an employee of the CSM. It turns out that is Davigo’s secretary. Another envelope, always anonymous, is sent to the councilor of the CSM Nino Di Matteo.

Since he is a public official for Contrafatto, the accusation of slander is triggered against the Milanese magistrates accused of not wanting to investigate.

Storari’s confession

The Roman magistrates inform their Milanese colleagues. At that point Storari informs Greco that it was he who delivered the minutes to Davigo.

The secretary is searched and when asked who gave her the minutes she decides not to answer the prosecutors.

The public prosecutor of Rome initiates checks on Storari’s work and on relations with Davigo who will be questioned in the next few days. He will be asked to explain where he kept the minutes and how it is possible that they ended up in the hands of his secretary.

Disciplinary proceedings

The Minister of Justice Marta Cartabia and the prosecutor Salvi had an interview e Salvi confirmed that a disciplinary proceeding against the public prosecutor Storari is being considered. The CSM will also have to make the same assessment.

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