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It is a “naval battle” that has the entire globe as its field of action: the container crisis told by entrepreneur Enrico Preziosi is one of the many consequences triggered by Covid but upstream it has transoceanic supply chains behind it , as long as they are fragile as a few months ago had already highlighted the accident of the Ever Given ship, which was blocked for six days in the Suez Canal, interrupting one of the jugular arteries of trade between China and Europe. Here is a summary of the picture e the causes that led to the sudden shortage of containers and the consequent increase in the number of shipments from one continent to another.

With the outbreak of the pandemic and the paralysis of many productions, a situation has arisen that he saw very often (empty) ships on one side of the world and tens of thousands of caissons on the other. With the recovery of the economy, already starting from the second half of 2020, the crisis appears: Western markets have begun to solicit the sending of raw materials and finished products but the commercial structures – the ports in the first place – have not been able to able to sustain the rekindling of demand often due to the unavailability of containers or ships from one end or the other of the supply chain. The consequence? He photographed it a report made by the University of Padua based on data provided by the port authority of Trieste. Before Covid, ship a container from Shanghai to Los Angeles it cost $ 1,580 on average, in March 2021 it was jumped to 2,760; same situation from Shanghai to Genoa: cost jumped from $ 1,680 to $ 2,740 with a 63% increase. Another source – the Bloomberg agency – reports that by now for the route China-Rotterdam the cost has exceeded i $ 10,000.

In recent months, the situation has worsened further due to a “flare-up” of infections and the landing of the Delta variant in China as well. One of the most virulent outbreaks broke out in the Guandong region, one of the Chinese productive hearts which also includes the commercial port of Yantian. Health restrictions – this time in the presence of a recovery in world demand – have it again “Throttled” the trade routes. Right on the quays of Yantian (which in 2020 had handled 13.3 million containers), in three weeks 357,000 boxes accumulated. In short, the demand has exceeded the availability of means of transporting goods. The situation could last until 2022 forwarded.

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