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After Milan and Roma, Bologna and Fiorentina. And then, again, Venice, Pisa, Parma. Now American capitals are arriving in other cities of Italian football: from the acquisition of Catania that Joe Tacopina will perfect in the next few days, to the Spezia that the president, Gabriele Volpi, has just sold to Alan Pace’s Alk Capital, backed by the MSD fund of Michael Dell. Then there is Inter with the Asian ownership in crisis and the US BC Partners fund that came forward even if, as we write, its offer was considered inadequate and the negotiations officially stopped. The American fever reaches the D series with Campobasso bought by the Italian-American investor Matt Rizzetta, while there are even rumors of a US interest in Trastevere, which disputes the E group of the fourth series. The president, Pierluigi Betturri, does not deny but flaunts a certain nonchalanche Capitoline: With 10 million they do not even buy the tail of Marcus Aurelius’s horse, the fake one that is in Piazza del Campidoglio. Certainly not an adequate value for the brand of Trastevere, a company with 112 years of history, with the oldest and most famous district in the world behind it.

The complete article on L’Economia on newsstands Monday 8 February free with the Corriere.

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