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At the Olympics, after her fifth and last final, Federica made the story official with the coach who has been following her since 2014: 39 years old, Filippo Magnini’s cousin, his career started amidst much criticism and instead became the parable of a winning coach

One of the thousand legends handed down on the relationship Matteo Giunta-Federica Pellegrini wich was Filippo Magnini to convince Matteo, his athletic trainer and also his cousin, to train Federica. It was 2014. Fede was with Filippo, and Matteo was a coach of high hopes – a former pupil of Philippe Lucas, the French coach / star with whom the Divina had just broken up – who was looking out for a great swim amid the perplexities of those who thought of know everything: what does it do that 32-year-old apprentice with the most precious diamond that Italian swimming has ever seen? Are we sure it is up to it? Won’t it ruin it? Not the beginning of the end for her and the end of the beginning for him?

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The story goes that these were useless questions, as well as tendentious. Giunta was up to par. Federica is not ruined, on the contrary, with him she won, among other things, two World Championships of the 2oo freestyle in 2017 and 2019 and won the fifth Olympic final of her career. And, speaking of beginnings and ends, in addition to a profitable professional relationship, a love story was born and consolidated between the two that received its officialization in Tokyo: Matteo my life partner.

But who Matteo Giunta? Pesarese, 39 years old, a brother, a basketball and tennis enthusiast, a man polite, reserved and measured, who from the first day of this adventure understood immediately what was happening and that, especially when the story between Magnini and Federica ended in 2017, after rumors about the so-called triangle had been circulating for some time, he has always chosen the way of the low, indeed very low, profile. The more the world burned with innuendo, the more he – with her complicity, social on everything except this – put out the fires, convinced of the uselessness of revealing the story a little out of respect for Magnini (now married to Giorgia Palmas and dad), a bit to keep work and private life separate.

Giunta’s strategy has always been not to deny, but respond with elegance, halfway (he like her) between professionalism and shyness. In 2017, for example, after Federica’s world gold in the 200 style in Budapest, she said smiling but firm: Ormai I got used to gossip. I figured out how to react and everything slips away easily. The same goes for the criticisms of those who did not see me suitable for this role because I was too young. With the results of Kazan 2015 it seemed to me that I had already given an answer. Today I think that many people will have to take back a lot of words.

Along with the low profile outside the pool, Matteo instead practiced the very high profile at work. Her great skill was mixing her beliefs and skills with the ability to learn from Federica. Skilled in making the humility of the novice react with the ambition of those who know they are good, he has marked the work of technical interchange in which giving and taking have always had the same weight. Even so young, he understood with innate wisdom that the secret was the balance: pull and let go, force and relax, lead without imposing, listen. He gave the Divine the balance she needed. And in the Pool metal jacket team, as they jokingly call it, fatigue (often insane) is never without a smile. So Federica, who after the death of Alberto Castagnetti was still desperately looking for an ideal technical interlocutor but above all a person to trust, found her in this boy who one day explained the moral of the story in this way: Federica was the first to being dissatisfied with what he does e I often have to find the positive things. A complex undertaking, but he absolved it in the best possible way, creating a technical and psychological masterpiece. In short, the impression that he had been the one to extend Federica’s career had been clear for some time. And Federica confirmed it after the Tokyo race: If Matteo hadn’t been there I would have stopped years ago ….

Then, since he is also a nice guy and has that something dark that doesn’t hurt, he was born elsewhere. Swimming is often like this, it takes so much time away from normal life that it doesn’t take longer to look elsewhere. Federica’s great love stories – Luca Marin and Magnini – they had been in the pool. The process was perhaps natural. The beginning of the real story dated 2017, many place it before, even overlapping with the final crisis with Magnini, but in short, only they know this and it’s their business. There first semi-official photo of the two dated September 2019, on the occasion of the Gal of Federnuoto in Rome to celebrate the results of the 2019 World Cup in Kazan. Wonderful was the title of the evening and objectively wonderful were the two of them too. Then, at the beginning of this year, the paparazzi of the two of them hand in hand at dinner. By now everything was clear, only the sunlight was missing. arrived now, in the simplest and most natural way. It was enough just to give time to time. A subject on which the two – one in the water, the other with a stopwatch – are quite prepared.

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