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from Flavio Vanetti

Bronze guaranteed for the “butterfly” of Torre Annunziata, who however returns to the ring on Saturday to chase gold.

From the disappointment of Rio 2016, to the Tokyo medal. It’s still all to color, but at the very least it will definitely be bronze: Irma “Butterfly” Head from Torre Annunziata, 24 at the end of December, in fact eliminated the Canadian Carolina Veyre in the quarter-finals of the 54-57 kg category. The pass for the semifinal, scheduled for Saturday 31 July against the Filipino Petecio, world champion in office, is already worth the certainty that this time she will not leave the Games empty-handed.

In fact, boxing does not assign the fateful and hated wooden medal to those who arrive fourth, but the bronze one: in fact, both the beaten semifinalists are to be rewarded. But at this point Irma, who has chosen boxing (in addition to studying) as a refuge from the temptation to take wrong paths in a territory that has its serious problems, can aspire to something more: reaching the final, for example, is within his reach even though the Filipina is the world champion in the category. «I came here without having a minimum and a maximum goal in mind – said Irma after coming down from the ring -: the main thing was to have fun. Palacio is the champion, but I’m ready and I’m sure I can play it ».

He does not say it explicitly, but the sense is that now he is not satisfied. And it’s good. How strong he is, in fact, was seen against Veyre, a level boxer who immediately tried to impose aggression. But he didn’t make it: already in the first minute Irma had forced her to chase, setting the match on the movement and on the throw-in shots. The Veyre has often gone oversized and has not had the same brilliance as previous assaults. Only in the third round, in which the blue may have discounted the many energies spent a little, did the North American have some dangerous flashes.

But the match was already abundantly resolved in favor of the Italian. In the end, the verdict was unanimous: all judges voted for Irma, is an indisputable 5-0. Thus the great dream of our boxing, present in Tokyo in its female declination, goes to the first cash. The males, in fact, for the first time since 1920 did not qualify. And even if Irma remembers that the idea that there are sports for men and sports for women is wrong (“No, there is only sport and that’s it”), there remains a gap that had to be compensated for by the results of the girls. Butterfly – they call it that because it is light and agile – has completed his mission and confirmed to be the strength, the safety of the team.

On the eve of the tournament her thought was this: «Five years ago in Brazil I was the only Italian in women’s boxing; here I have three other companions and I immediately felt a different scenario. It won’t be easy for us; I cannot and cannot promise anything, except that in our group there is determination and heart ». After the thoughts and words came the facts. He proved it in the ring. The blue butterfly has thus settled on the bronze, but its flight has all the air of not being finished yet.

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