“With what conscience do you skip the line for vaccines?” – Corriere.it

“But with what conscience there are people who skip the waiting list trying to get vaccinated first, even knowing that in this way those over 65 or some frailty are left exposed to risks and, consequently, a real risk of death?”. The premier said so Mario Draghi at the beginning of the press conference following the meeting with local authorities on the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, talking about the indiscriminate expansion of the lists of the so-called special categories. “The availability of vaccines has not decreased, on the contrary it is rising – underlined the premier -. And I have no doubts that the objectives are achieved ». The objectives are the 500 thousand doses administered every day (“I asked General Figluolo for confirmation”), even if at the moment the peak reached is about 293 thousand. Draghi specified that the availability of doses will make it possible to «vaccinate by April all over 80 and most of the over 75And that the choice to secure the weakest categories first will be also preparatory to reopening. The latest decree covers the entire month with regard to restrictions, but also provides – underlined the head of the government – the possibility of reviewing the measures on the basis of numbers.

During the day, Draghi had also met the leader of the League, Matteo Salvini, and with him he had dealt in particular with the issue of the progressive return to normality. “The best form of economic support are reopening – highlighted Draghi, with a concept also adopted by Salvni, recognizing that behind the demonstrations of recent days, net of the never justifiable violence, there is also” desperation “of the categories involved -. I want the next few weeks to be reopened, but a safe reopening. Starting from the schools: we want to give the children at least a month full of school activities, to allow them to finish the year together ». On the relaxation of the measures, the premier stressed that “the more quickly we proceed with vaccinations, the more we will proceed with reopening”. Draghi, however, reiterated that only by guaranteeing vaccination protection to categories at risk will it be possible to think of reopening. «I don’t have a date – the premier specified – because it will depend on the data of different parameters. One is certainly that of infections, but also that of vaccinations will be fundamental “.

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The passage from the reopening of commercial establishments to the forecasts on the summer tourist season, in the reporters’ questions, was short. Draghi explained that even in this case a date forecast is missing. «Garavaglia says in June. Let’s hope, maybe even sooner who knows ». The rules remain to be established but, the head of the government anticipated, “we are ready to welcome all tourists who have a vaccination certificate”. In any case, «let’s not give up the tourist season, far from it. And let’s also think about the fair season: there are many events in Italy between May and October that we must try to save ».

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