«Withdrawal? I run against the clock. And one day you will see my “Last Dance” as Jordan »- Corriere.it

The difficulties are many. At the age of 42 Valentino Rossi is aware of this. The nine-time world champion (the only one to have won the title in four different classes) is not having a happy time riding his Yamaha Petronas and the start of his World Championship has been tremendous: only 4 points collected in the three races of this early season (the leader of the World Championship, the French Fabio Quartararo, has 61). Many are calling for his retirement, also in order not to spoil a great past with bad performances. But Valentino thinks differently and ea The Gazzetta dello Sport has explained: “I know very well that in the end time will have won it, unfortunately for everyone it is like this, but I try with all my strength to make it as difficult as possible, here. And this is the only reason why I still run ».

“I had already finished in 2013 …”

Valentino is one of the highlander of Italian sport and he has no desire to turn off his bike, despite the difficulties in staying afloat in an increasingly competitive MotoGP. “I don’t want to spit on the plate where I ate. But in Petronas it is very good, there is a great atmosphere, many young guys, a free-range team. He is very English, basically they are different from Italians and Spaniards, though it’s cool to be here. In the morning it gives me pleasure to enter the garage, there are people who give their soul “. This is also why he explains: «The withdrawal? What you lose by quitting what you enjoy most is more than what you gain by quitting when you are at the peak of your career. And in any case, you never know if it’s really over: in 2013, when I returned to Yamaha, for everyone I was already finished. Instead, if they hadn’t stolen the World Championship, in 2015 I would have won another one, it would have been the tenth one and it would have extended my sporting life as a winner by even six years ».

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“My three pearls”

Despite the disappointments of recent years, Valentino remains the history of motorcycling. And of the 26 seasons played so far, he remembers three as special: “2001, because it was the last 500 World Championship and therefore the last chance to make it: a battle to the death with Biaggi, wonderful. Then 2004, with his debut victory at Welkom with Yamaha. Sportingly the most beautiful. And 2008: for many I was already finished, old. Instead by switching to Bridgestone I beat Stoner ».

«Come Michael Jordan»

In Qatar, Sunday 28 March, was his brother’s first competition as an opponent Luca Marini: «We cried …No, that’s not true, but we were both desperate because we went slow. We would like to fight together, like Sunday in Portugal, but for important positions. My father Graziano? Fifteen years ago we started getting along better. There was a period of adolescence where he was strict, but I wanted to do my own business and we fought. Then, however, at the age of 25, the relationship changed, and since then we have gotten along just as we do now ». Finally, the Doctor confesses that he would like a docu-film about his exploits in the style of “The Last Dance” by Michael Jordan “(we probably will, my story is beautiful and we have a lot of images, even private ones, never seen”) and he reveals the three opponents he would have liked to challenge: «Mike Hailwood, Kevin Schwantz and Giacomo Agostini».

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