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The pd president of the Region claims the work done together with Cinque Stelle. “With them we would have won in many colleges. What did they do with Dragons? Just a nervous breakdown”

He remembers having arranged the first meeting between the then secretary dem Nicola Zingaretti and grillino minister Luigi Di Maio to favor the second Conte government. He claims to have carried forward profitably in the Puglia Region, since 2020, a majority agreement that gathers Pd and M5S. He warns that the centre-left, at the national level, is wrong to have cut the Five Stars out of the alliances after the fall of the government Dragons. Michele Emiliano, 63 years old, magistrate, Pd, since 2015 president of the Puglia Region, does not share the breakup of his party with the M5S, and, contrary to the rest of the dem colleagues and in spite of those who observe that his “political laboratory” would no longer have a reason to exist, remains on good terms with fellow countryman Giuseppe Conte, head of the Cinque Stelle, who in turn ensured the maintenance of the pact between the two parties in the Region: “The Movement maintains the commitments made . with the citizens”.

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Emiliano, during the event “La piazza” organized in Ceglie Messapica (Brindisi) by Affaritaliani.iton August 28 he accused the secretary Enrico Letta: “A very serious error on his part, the moment he breaks this alliance, barring miracles, there is a risk of having a center-right coalition which can even change the constitutional Charter. There is nothing to do, with this electoral law the only solution is to have a strong and winning coalition. But we will go separately and there will be space for the one who remains from the Apulian centre-right, who will be able to say that he won here”.

The will not to break with the Five Stars it is based on the holding of the Apulian junta, which sees the pentastellata Rose Barone in the role of welfare assessor, and four councilors out of five (only Antonella Laricchia would oppose) lined up in support of the centre-left majority. “The Five Stars are part of my alliance and, since they are governing well, within the progressive coalition, I have no intention of doing without them”, is the thought of the governor. Emiliano then remembered “with pain” that in Rome the split between M5S and Pd, transferred to Bari, would ruin the work of years. “My allies of the M5S”, he recalled, “are recovering, but they haven’t had the strength to be united”.

The president is convinced that if the two parties had they confirmed the alliance, “we would have won in all the colleges in Puglia. And probably even Fratelli d’Italia, which will have a great result as a starting point, would not have brought home a lot”. For Emiliano: “Letta made a decision based on emotion and then he was no longer able to go back. I tried it too.” Not alone. “Al M5S I am simply skip the nerves after the words of Dragons, not used to stress of such a serious parliamentary debate”.

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