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You cannot live in red for life. According to the data, there are at least six Italian regions in which it could reopen. I expect it can be done in April. Matteo Salvini he once again insists on the need to anticipate the timing of the reopening of those commercial activities and public establishments that are currently closed due to the restrictions. But at the end of a meeting with the Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, said he shared the premier’s position, namely that any rescheduling of the reopening must necessarily take into account the progress of the epidemic. A concept that the head of government has reiterated several times in recent weeks. I shared with President Draghi that the reopening must be done on the basis of data, the leader of the League explained to science today, who in recent days on several occasions, in public statements, had asked to relax the restrictions provided for until the end of the month. . Externations that were seen as a departure from the government’s line of caution. According to Salvini, there are already 6 regions where it would be possible to do so, based on an improvement in the curves. Even if, he added, the common goal is to reopen everything for everyone. Tomorrow the weekly monitoring data will be released which will certify the new colors of Italy.

The leader of the League also spoke of the vaccination plan mass. We must run – he said – and if Europe makes a mistake, sleeps or slows down, we need to find a way, as other countries are doing, to go abroad too because the health of Italians deserves every kind of effort and contract without saving euros on skin of citizens. And he then added: This time too, alas, the European institutions are proving to be old, not in step with the times, not up to the emergency we are experiencing.

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