Your questions – Condominium, the rules for video assemblies (with proxies via whatsApp)

What majority is needed to be able to carry out condominium assemblies via video conference? And what happens if a participant disconnects? How are proxies managed?

Signed letter (by email)

The rules for remote condominium assemblies, due to the coronavirus, have been revised several times. The procedures are not simple and, apparently, this innovation has not taken root that much. Let’s try to summarize the rules of the game that will remain in force even after the epidemic is over. Now the condominiums can, even if it is not provided for by the condominium regulation, decide by majority that the assemblies be held by videoconference. In this case, the platform used and the time fixed for connection must be indicated in the notice of meeting. The minutes of the session are sent to the condominiums with the same formalities provided for the convocation of the assembly. President and secretary are appointed by those present in videoconference. As regards the proxies, they must be sent to the secretary and attached to the minutes by him. Proxies must be written so they can be sent by email, sms, WhatsApp. Or given to the delegate who exhibits them at the beginning of the assembly (many platforms allow the sending or viewing of documents to the participants) decisive for the validity of any resolution adopted, this can be annulled. The possibility of holding assemblies via videoconference can be introduced in the regulation with the favorable vote of the majority of the owners attending the assembly, representing at least 500 thousandths.

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