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one Naval Criminal Investigative Service The most memorable storyline was Ziva David’s captivity in Somalia, which had a lasting impact on her character for the remainder of the show. Naval Criminal Investigative Service Follow the lead team of federal agents from the Naval Criminal Investigative Service to investigate crimes and matters related to the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps. The show is one of the longest-running TV shows in the United States, with 20 confirmed seasons, Naval Criminal Investigative Service Season 20 Returning in fall 2022.

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Ziva, played by Cote de Pablo, is introduced to Naval Criminal Investigative Service In Season 3, served as Mossad Liaison Officer following the death of Sasha Alexander’s character, Special Agent Kate Todd. After joining the team, she developed close relationships with other agents, especially with father figure Leroy Jethro Gibbs and lover Tony DiNozzo.after she left Naval Criminal Investigative Service Season 11, Ziva seems to be Naval Criminal Investigative Service In the final episode of season 13, she was not presumed dead until her unexpected return to the series at the end of season 16. After a special season 17 appearance, she left Washington, D.C., to Paris to reunite with Tony and their daughter Tully.

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Ziva was originally characterized by Naval Criminal Investigative Service A tough and quick-thinking assassin, the storyline of her captivity made a huge difference in her development. Naval Criminal Investigative Service Season 6 ended with Ziva returning to Mossad after Tony killed her boyfriend, Mossad officer Michael Rifkin. She was then captured by terrorist Salim Ullman during her mission. Naval Criminal Investigative Service, Season 7, Episode 1, “Truth or Consequence” centers on the team’s daring rescue of her in Somalia. After she was rescued and returned to NCIS, the show made numerous references to the abuse she suffered while being held hostage; although largely unspecified, these effects influenced Ziva to stay at NCIS and define her role as surviving By.

What really happened to Ziva in Somalia?

“Truth or Consequence” showcases the NCIS search for Saleem Ulman, who they found because of his obsession with the energy drink Caf-Pow. Although their original goal was revenge, Gibbs, Tony, and Agent Tim McKee brought Ziva back to NCIS after finding her alive. This episode shows Ziva tied up and bruised along with Tony and McGee. However, the show chose not to depict the graphic scenes in which they were tortured.This, in addition to the subsequent use of ambiguity by others Naval Criminal Investigative Service The character references Ziva’s experiences, making the details of what happened to her in Somalia a mystery.

However, the show goes beyond Ziva’s captivity to explore her changing identity and conflicting allegiances to the Mossad and NCIS. Naval Criminal Investigative Service, Season 7, Episode 4, “Good Cop Bad Cop” reveals the Mossad’s covert mission on a voyage to Somalia, where she and other officers killed the entire ship’s crew. Ziva and Gibbs also realize that her father, Mossad director Eli David, wants to put the blame for the mission on her so she doesn’t leave the Mossad. The episode ends with her addressing her pain and approving her application to become an NCIS agent.

Naval Criminal Investigative Service The storyline of Ziva’s captivity ultimately portrays her as not just a skilled agent, but an undeniably strong woman and survivor. The show compared her to another abuse survivor in season 8, episode 13, “Freedom,” which investigates the murder of an abusive Marine. Ziva tries to bond with his wife, who says she knows what it’s like to be at the mercy of a man and have to shut down in order to survive. Her last appearance on the show further highlighted her ability to hold on after revealing that Ziva was still alive after being presumed dead three years ago. Naval Criminal Investigative Service Closing Ziva’s storyline in Season 17, wraps up with her family, and finally looks beyond the events of her past to give one of its most powerful characters a well-deserved peace.

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