where Christmas presents are given

On the web, shopping centers or local shops: where Christmas gifts are given The end of year celebrations Spending on gifts is increasing: in this service the figures for Christmas 2023 and the most common purchasing methods chosen by Italians 12/16/2023 Gabriele Flamma, Tg2

Goodbye to Enzo Moscato. Playwright of the Neapolitan school born after Eduardo, he was 75 years old

One of the most representative exponents of post-Edwardian drama, actor and director, disappears in Naples. Enzo Moscato. Author, director and actor, he set many of his dramas in the Spanish Quarters that he loved so much, recounting the social hardships of those inhabitants with stories full of life, complex, contradictory and never straight. He is considered a great of the […]

Companies make 2024 the year of cost cuts

Mathisworks | Digitalvision Vectors | Getty Images Corporate America has a message for Wall Street: It’s serious about cutting costs this year. From toy and cosmetics makers to office software sellers, executives across sectors have announced layoffs and other plans to slash expenses — even at some companies that are turning a profit. Barbie maker Mattel, PayPal, Cisco, Nike, Estée […]

Ebola vaccine can halve mortality

The rVSVΔG-ZEBOV-GP vaccine, the only one recommended against Ebola during epidemics, is able to halve mortality. This is what emerges from one observational study funded and conducted by Epicentre, the medical and epidemiological research center of Doctors Without Borders (in France), in collaboration with the National Institute of Biomedical Research (INRB) and the Ministry of Health of the Democratic Republic […]

Funny or disturbing? The skeleton panda now has a scientific name

The skeleton panda has been one of Japan’s most popular marine species since its images ended up online. With its body structure that resembles a skeleton and black “panda-like” spots, it is among the most sought-after creatures by divers who visit the island of Kumejima. Although the Internet coined the name “gaikotsundahoya”, which literally means “sea splash panda skeleton”, the […]

DraftKings posts 44% revenue growth, but falls short of estimates

In this photo illustration the DraftKings logo seen displayed on a smartphone. Rafael Henrique | Sopa Images | Lightrocket | Getty Images DraftKings on Thursday posted quarterly results that missed Wall Street estimates on the top and bottom line, but it increased its revenue by 44%. Here’s what DraftKings reported compared with what Wall Street was expecting, according to analyst […]

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