The season of the women’s national team will officially begin next Monday and will work at the Pavesi Center in Milan until Friday the 12th. For the first team, the technical commissioner, Julio Velasco, has called up sixteen athletes who have completed their club activity. In the next few years, other players will gradually be added as they finish their commitments with their respective teams. The Italians still don’t have a ticket to the Paris Olympics in their pocket and will have to earn it in the next two months. “We start the activity with the athletes who did not make it to the play offs and with those eliminated in the quarterfinals”, Velasco’s words. “The next call-up will see the players who emerged in the semi-finals added and, again based on the progress of the play-offs, there will be a third and fourth group after the conclusion of the championship and the Champions League Superfinal.”

“My idea is to give all the girls a week’s rest from the last match played. Our objective is to be ready for the first round of the Nations League, in which the players involved in the Champions League Superfinal will not be present, unless of specific needs. In the second stage in Macau, however, we will present ourselves with the full team as in Japan”.

In this period the national team will work to better prepare for the Nations League, which in the group stage assigns the last points in the world ranking for the five-ring pass. The Italians will make their debut in the VNL in Antalya (Turkey) from 14 to 18 May, before taking the field in Macao (China, from 29 May to 2 June) and finally in Fukuoka (Japan) from 11 to 16 June. The Finals will be held in Bangkok from 20 to 23 June.

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