“Wrong reading, better united” – Corriere.it

of Franco Stefanoni The pd president of the Region claims the work done together with Cinque Stelle. “With them we would have won in many colleges. What did they do with Dragons? Just a nervous breakdown” He remembers having arranged the first meeting between the then secretary dem Nicola Zingaretti and grillino minister Luigi Di Maio to favor the second […]

The opinions of Sarracino, the mystery of Ferrante

politeness noonAugust 28, 2022 – 09:33 I will explain why I would like to break a spear in favor of the October Revolution of Antonio Polito I would like to break a spear in favor of the October Revolution. And consequently the favor of Marco Sarracino, young leader of the Neapolitan Pd and candidate for the elections, who spent a […]

Forza Italia, in Campania leave 4 former parliamentarians: De Siano, Ferraioli, Sarro and Pentangelo

politics noonAugust 25, 2022 – 1:00 p.m All excluded from the lists: “There are no longer conditions of political action to remain in Forza Italia” of Anna Santini Four of them, all ex-parliamentarians, leave Forza Italia. Carlo Sarro, Domenico De Siano (for years Azzurro regional coordinator), Marzia Ferraioli and Antonio Pentangelo (former head of the metropolitan area of ​​the party) […]

“Right that risks disappearing” – Corriere.it

of Claudio Del Frate The influencer on Instagram takes inspiration from a directive of the Marche Region and the growing number of medical objectors. “A policy that risks becoming national if the right wins the elections” A message in defense of abortion and against the policies of the right that would like to limit this right. Chiara Ferragni breaks into […]

“We are managing the thing” – Corriere.it

of Political Writing The Italian teacher in various posts on Facebook, later deleted, accused the USA of the war in Ukraine, called Zelensky a “Nazi” and Ursula von der Leyen “a maid” Controversies about Stefania Modestino D’Angelo, leading candidate for the Senate in Caserta with the Action of Carlo Calenda, for his pro-Putin posts and support for the theories of […]