“The Italian Aspides mission in the Red Sea will only be defensive”

With three distinct votes the chamber of Chamber approved the commitment to the new international missions: one for Ukraine, the other Levante for the Middle East and the third Aspides for the defense of the Red Sea. In his initial speech, which we publish in full, Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani illustrated the nature and development of the missions. The approval […]

“No summary trials by the police”

The vision of the images of the clashes in Pisa, circulated in the media, “disturbed me too. We are open to any analysis and self-criticism when, even a single demonstration or a single moment of a single demonstration, among the thousands that take place every year, requires further investigation. We all hope that public demonstrations take place peacefully and without […]

Elisabetta Belloni: “76 countries around the world are voting this year: risk of electoral interference”

“In 2024 76 countries of the worldequal to half the world’s population, they will go to the vote and there are risks of interference and conditioning of electoral processes through the hybrid threat” warns the director of the Dis (Department of Information for Security), Elisabetta Belloni, at the presentation of the annual intelligence report. Alongside the former general secretary of […]

Todde-Truzzu head to head. The turnout was 52.4%

Todde in the lead in Cagliari, Sassari and Nuoro “unofficially” data from the first seats. Truzzu commands in Olbia Three hours after the start of the counting, still no official results in Sardinia on yesterday’s vote. In the press room set up in the regional headquarters in Cagliari, the screen that should illustrate the percentages live with the sections scrutinized […]

The first Italian G7 on Saturday, Zelensky also in videoconference

The first G7 meeting under the Italian presidency will be on February 24, the same day as the second anniversary of the Russian aggression against Ukraine. The Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni will chair a videoconference meeting of the Heads of State and Government where the Ukrainian President will also be present, Volodymyr Zelensky. Upon completion, a joint statement will be […]

“Autonomy tramples the South, Meloni apologizes”

With the verve to which he has accustomed us, the president of the Campania Region, Vincenzo De Luca, harangues the crowd in Piazza Santi Apostoli in Rome: “All we need is for them to throw the atomic bomb at us.” It’s his colorful way of saying that the South has also been abandoned by this Government: “Autonomy does not help […]