Also there Diocese of Pisawith a note signed byArchbishop Giovanni Paolo Benottospoke about what happened yesterday in the city of Torre where the students taking part in a demonstration were charged by the police. “The Pastoral Council of the Archdiocese of Pisa – we read – expresses deep concern and dismay at the clashes that occurred” in the city centre, “which caused the injury of some students, including minors”.

The Diocese “believes that violence is never justified and while waiting for light to be shed on the incident and on the actions of the police, it hopes that all the competent authorities will intervene to guarantee correct and peaceful democratic confrontation, protecting security of everyone, young people in particular”.

In the evening, thousands of people descended on Pisa, peacefully, in solidarity with the students. There were 13 injured in the morning, most of them minors.

The images have shaken the opposition which today, united, are asking the Minister of the Interior Matteo Piantedosi to report to Parliament on what happened in both Pisa and Florence. The Democratic secretary Elly Schlein he spoke of a climate of repression. They get indignant and Action, More Europe, the Green and Left Alliance and the 5 Star Movement also ask for clarity.

Also the secretary of the CGIL Maurizio Landini he expressed himself in tones of condemnation of the violence in the square: “In these hours we asked the Minister of the Interior to convene a meeting with the trade unions because we think that what happened in Pisa and other cities is serious, it is absolutely not acceptable and the right to demonstrate must be a right guaranteed to everyone. When this does not happen, the democracy of this country is called into question, I think that especially today the attention must not be against those who demonstrate and against the rights of those who demonstrate”.

Piantedosi accepted the invitation and will see the union leaders on March 12th. According to sources from the Interior Ministry, the appointment was set following telephone contacts between the government representative and the union leaders themselves.

Lega: “The police images not yet released will clarify”

Since yesterday the League has been talking about “delirium of the left”. Today the MEP Susanna Ceccardi refers to images of the Police that are being examined by the Prosecutor’s Office and which will clarify: “There are images that have not yet been released, they are those of the provocations of the front rows towards the policemen, if these images come out, and they are already being examined by the Prosecutor’s Office, greater clarity will be possible.”

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