“My relations with the President of the Republic are excellent, there is an attempt to create a crack between Palazzo Chigi and the Quirinale to shield the controlarity to the reform of the premiership”. This was declared by the Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni to reporters in Toronto where he met with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. “It doesn’t seem correct to me to use a figure like that of the President of the Republic for this”, she underlined.

Probably “some mistakes” it was committed, continued the President of the Italian Council, speaking of the demonstration in Pisa where some students were injured during police attacks. “We need to see what the responsibilities are”but “this is not up to me” he explained, recalling “cthat from October 7th to today we have had over one thousand seven hundred demonstrations in favor of Palestine”, unlike what happened in other European countries, where they were banned. Meloni, speaking to the press, insists: “In the 1.5% of cases where things go wrong, we take the opportunity to generalize about law enforcement, but in the majority of cases, things go badly for law enforcement,” but “Nobody said a word about it.”

Meloni then it is said “very optimistic” on the prospects of the G7 summit in Italy and “on the fact that this G7 Presidency can bring the important results that I would like to see concrete”. The Prime Minister underlines the “there is great attention around the Italian proposal, around the Italian vision, around Italian protagonism and therefore I am very satisfied with this tour”.

A G7 statement would help de-escalation in the Middle East, added Meloni. “TO Kiev we also talked about the Middle East. I also proposed to Biden and Trudeau to make a G7 statement also on the topic of the Middle East, hoping that it could help de-escalation“, he said in reference to his mission to the Ukrainian capital and recent visits to North America.

“The outcome of these two days in the USA and Canada is very positive” declared the Italian Prime Minister as she was preparing to take the flight that is taking her back to Italy. “We presented the priorities of the G7 agenda and there is great convergence on Italian priorities”, the prime minister underlined. In the evening Meloni was unable to meet the Italian community in Toronto. The reception at the Arta Gallery of Ontario was canceled due to security concerns after several dozen people gathered to demonstrate for the Palestinian cause. Trudeau himself informed the prime minister of the cancellation of the event.

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