I am 101.93 billion have been collected to date from our country thanks to the Pnrr. The long-awaited Control Room took place today, chaired as usual by the Minister for European Affairs, Cohesion Policies, the South and the PNRR, Raffaele Fitto, and all the competent Ministers will take part, plus the representatives of the Conference of Regions and autonomous provinces, the ANCI and the UPI. We have spent 45.6 billion from this fund so far.

The data refers to the pre-revision Pnrr, which also considers the expenses (equal to approximately 2.6 billion euros) relating to the measures moved from the Plan as a result of the Ecofin council’s decision of 8 December 2023. The expenditure carried out in 2023 it was 21.1 billion euros, a value slightly lower than what was recorded cumulatively in the two-year period 2021-2022.

The implementation of the Pnrr “will lead us to measure ourselves in 2024 with the achievement of the 39 objectives and goals associated with the sixth installmentequal to 9.6 billion of euros, and of 74 objectives and goals connected to the seventh instalmentequal to 19.6 billion euros“. We read it in the Prime Minister’s introduction, Giorgia Meloni, to the Report on the state of implementation of the Pnrr to Parliament approved by the Pnrr Control Room. “We will be able to do it best – writes the Prime Minister – only if we continue to interpret this commitment as teamwork, determining a decisive acceleration for the increase in spending of the allocated resources and for the rapid implementation of the new measures included in the Plan”.

Italy is the country that has met the highest number of Pnrr78 goals and objectives out of 527. Meloni underlined this again today, this data had already emerged yesterday from the European Commission’s medium-term assessment of the recovery and resilience mechanism.

Spain follows, with 121 out of 416 goals and objectives and Croatia with 104 out of 372. Italy and Spain, in particular, are the two countries that have the largest funds with the Pnrr between loans and grants. Of the total 800 billion, 194.4 billion were requested from Italy and 163 billion from Spain respectively.

The Minister of EU Affairs Raffaele Fitto he said that the timeframe for the decree will not be long: “We have always worked with Minister Giorgetti in a very positive way. Sometimes alarms are raised even when there is no deadline, as in the case of the Pnrr decree on the financing of expunged works from the plan. The text that will emerge will take into account a whole series of discussions. I don’t think it will take long. We removed those projects from the Pnrr because we shared with the EU the non-accountability, the non-admissibility and the fact that they would not have reached the required deadlines”. This was said by the Minister of EU Affairs Raffaele Fitto during the presentation of the report on the progress of the Pnrr.

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