In recent weeks, concern about the international situation has grown in public opinion: from the Red Sea to the return of ISIS with the massacre in Moscow, up to the two wars for which there is no immediate way out. Almost 3 out of 4 Italians, 74%, look favorably on the very recent United Nations resolution for a truce in the Gaza Strip, in the hope that it will stop the killing of Palestinian civilians and that Hamas will free the Israeli hostages.
The data emerges from the survey conducted by the Demopolis Institute.

β€œOn the other side of the war – explains the director of Demopolis Pietro Vento – 67% of Italians declare that they fear an escalation of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine in the coming months with the direct involvement of Europe and our country; just 18% do not appear worried. The statement by French President Macron in recent days also contributed to increasing tension, arguing that an intervention by European troops in the conflict cannot be ruled out”.

The option of sending NATO soldiers to Kiev is considered wrong by 85% of Italians, convinced that a choice of this type would lead to a third world war. The opposition appears to be transversal across all political groups.

The figure of 85%, detected in Italy by the Demopolis Institute, is clearer than in other European countries, where in any case the opposition to the hypothesis put forward by Macron leaves no doubt: 76% are against sending soldiers to Ukraine % of Germans, but also 74% of French.

Information note: the survey was carried out by the Demopolis Institute, directed by Pietro Vento, on a national sample of 2,000 interviewees, statistically representative of the universe of the adult Italian population. Supervision of the demographic survey of 26-27/3/2024 by Marco E. Tabacchi.
Coordination by Pietro Vento, with the collaboration of Giusy Montalbano and Maria Sabrina Titone. Further information and methodology on:

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