AND clash between Terzo Polo and Campo Largo

Carlo Calenda attacks Pd and 5 stars: the leader of Action doesn’t like the agreement for Basilicata between the Dem, Five Star Movement, the Greens and the Left and +Europa on the candidacy of Domenico Lacerenzahead of ophthalmology at the Potenza Regional Hospital.

“Conte’s veto is on us” – claims Calenda, who identifies him as “the true leader of the left”. The breakage, therefore, is certified. Define the wide field a meetups grillino certainly doesn’t please the secretary of the Democratic Party Elly Schlein. And it is such a tough confrontation that there are also rumors about the intentions of the candidate Domenico Lacerenza himself to take a step back.

The Third Pole, however, is looking at the centre-right candidate Vito Bardi who is, according to both the leader of Action and Italia Viva, more moderate than Truzzu in Sardinia. The Democratic Party tries to lower the tone, stating that the alliance in Basilicata can certainly be expanded – but the opinion of Giuseppe Conte it’s different. Romano Prodi, who yesterday was at the presentation of the book by the constitutionalist Michele Ainis, explains to the Democratic Party that to return to being competitive he must return among the people. Then he adds, addressing Campo Largo: “If you want to lose, continue like this, if you want to win, come to an agreement.”

In the meantime, the Dems are also grappling with the candidacies for the European elections and identifying Lucia Annunziata as a possible leader, as an independent, for the Southern constituency.

The divisions of the centre-right

The elections chapter continues to be discussed even by the centre-right. The League did not digest the no to the third mandate which prohibits the President of Veneto Luca Zaia to reapply. The regional councilor Marcato, from the Carroccio, threatens: “If Fratelli d’Italia claims the presidency, we will run alone”. In this case it is the alliance’s firefighter Maurizio Lupi according to which it is Parliament that is sovereign and the vote for no to the third mandate is not a slap in the face to the league.

Tax reform

There is a tough clash between the majority and the opposition on tax reform. The “tax friendly” reform is a strong fight against tax evasion for those who support the government and at the same time extends a helping hand to those taxpayers in difficulty. The opposition rejects it entirely: for Francesco Boccia of the PD, for example, it is just propaganda: “The tax base is narrowed, cohesion is not built but collective distrust, resources for public services are restricted.”

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