“Incitement to hatred is a crime and must be punished.” After Maurizio Sarri’s farewell, Ciro Immobile reports having been “verbally and physically attacked by a group of people” this morning, in front of his 4-year-old son’s school, while accompanying him and his wife.

The attack, Immobile underlines through his press office, is a consequence of “the incitement to hatred” by some press organs and journalists via social media, who with “hateful words” have reported “reconstructions not inherent to reality”, attributing to him a branch against Sarri. Immobile will file criminal charges against those responsible for the “defamation”.

“This morning, Friday 15 March, Ciro Immobile with his wife Jessica and his 4-year-old son Mattia were verbally and physically attacked by a group of people in front of his son’s school”, underlines his office in a note printing, the Scarlett Company.

“All of this unfortunately following the incitement to hatred carried out and supported by some press media and journalists through their social channels who spread words of hatred towards Ciro Immobile, also reporting reconstructions that are not inherent to reality”.

“Following this episode – continues the note – the footballer has instructed his lawyers to take criminal action today against those responsible for this defamation. These statements are seriously defamatory and therefore harmful to the professional and personal image of the club. athlete and will be brought to the attention of the relevant magistrate. Incitement to hatred, especially gratuitously, is a crime that must be punished.”

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